Apple HomeKit-Compatible Thermostats

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Apple HomeKit-enabled devices give you the power to use your voice to control various connected electronic gadgets throughout your home. Tuckey Mechanical Services, Inc. offers several Apple HomeKit-compatible thermostats that enable you to adjust the temperature inside your home simply by saying the word! If you’re an existing user of HomeKit devices, you’ll be able to enjoy the many benefits of a smart thermostat combined with advanced voice assistance technology in your home.

Bryant Housewise Wi-Fi-Enabled Thermostats: Apple HomeKit-Compatible

Bryant Housewise is a Wi-Fi thermostat that will make any home smarter and more energy-efficient, which can have a positive impact on your home energy bills. As an Apple HomeKit-compatible device, Housewise enables you to use Siri voice commands delivered via your iPhone or iPad to control your thermostat’s functionality. You’ll be able to leverage up to four default automations with one Siri command, as well as create and manage zones in different areas of your home. You can also use HomeKit to trigger preprogrammed automations upon leaving or entering your home.

Honeywell Lyric Thermostats: Apple HomeKit-Compatible

The Honeywell Lyric family includes T-Series and Round Wi-Fi thermostats that work with Apple HomeKit:

  • Lyric T5 – The T5 thermostat is a cost-effective device that enables you to control your home’s temperature with a single app. It’s also easy to configure your T5 thermostat to work with Apple HomeKit. Just open your Lyric app, select the “Global Drawer” icon, and then select “Add a New Device.”

  • Lyric T6 – The more advanced T6 is a Wi-Fi connected platform that allows you to use Apple HomeKit to control your home’s temperature from any remote location. You’ll have the flexibility to program it to fit your current schedule or allow it to adapt to changes in your lifestyle.

  • Lyric Round – Lyric Round represents the second generation of Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostats. Lyric Round includes the HomeKit Chip and features updated software to make it a certified HomeKit-enabled device.

Tuckey Mechanical Services Offers Complete Support for Voice Assistance Technology

Tuckey Mechanical Services is one of the few HVAC service providers in the area that offers complete thermostat installation and service that combines with voice activation technology. You can trust us for professional installation of your Apple HomeKit-compatible thermostat.

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*NOTE: Thermostat model compatibility mentioned on this page are accurate as of the date of publication and provided as a sample reference only. The list of compatible devices changes frequently. Be sure to confirm the specifics of your device compatibility requirements with your sales advisor before placing an order.

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