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Quick Q&A: What to do with a continuously-running commode?

Quick Q:

My commode runs continuously.  I’ve already checked the flapper, and that seems OK.  What else could it be?

Quick A:

Good call on double-checking the flapper – many commode problems can be fixed with a new, properly-sized flapper.  …

Interior Design Q&A: Match Wood Flooring with Cabinets

A home remodel is an exciting time, but often frustrating with so many decisions to make.  Tuckey Restoration’s team of expert interior designers addresses one common issue in this

Wood can make your home look great – but when mismatched,

Quick Q&A: Dealing with a Troublesome Sink

Quick Q:

A simple stopper – or is it really that simple?

I have two sinks.  One is slow draining.  I’ve tried Liquid Plumber, but that doesn’t work.  Is there anything else I can try before calling a plumber?  My …

8 Ways to Avoid Unexpected Water Damage in Your Home

While not all property loss can be prevented, some of it can be. Often, just one or two extra steps–checking a battery here, replacing a pipe there–will do the trick.  Here are a few tips

Water damage can be a raging flood - or a simple leak.  Be sure you're protected.

Water damage can be a

Quick Q&A: Comparing Traditional vs. Tankless Water Heaters

Quick Q:

A Traditional Water Heater: Is it right for you?

Say I’m considering a new water heater system for my home or office.  Should I go traditional or tankless?  Is one better than the other?  What are the pro’s …

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