Interior Design Q&A: Lemon, Black, and Limestone

How can lemon, black, and limestone be tied together by wall color?  Find out in this Interior Design Q&A from the team at Tuckey Restoration:

Whether on the outside or the inside, wall color makes a big difference in new home construction and existing home remodels.

Q. I have lemon colored kitchen units, dark worktop and antique limestone colored floor, what color scheme could I choose for the walls that will

blend in?

A. Without actually viewing the space, it is difficult to choose a color scheme. However, you may want to begin by deciding what kind of feeling you want to achieve in the room. If you’re going for a “warm and cozy” feel, you might want to consider a color with yellow in it (cream or yellow-orange may work, as well). If you want the area to feel “cooler,” you might go in the direction of a yellow-green. Because you have a dark worktop, you may want to stay with a lighter color in order to not further darken the room. Your best option might be to bring the samples home and look at them in your kitchen throughout the day, in different lighting, etc. If you need larger samples or further decoration assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for the question and good luck with your project.


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