Metal Systems Fabrication

Today's industrial facilities demand the highest level of precision from their metal fabrication vendor partners. Since 1978, Tuckey Metal Fabricators, Inc. has been meeting the needs of our clients by providing precision milling, welding and other fabrication services. We've invested in the latest CAD and CNC products which allow us to consistently exceed client tolerances for a wide range of fabrication services.

Our in-house team of welders, estimators, engineers and machinists are available for 24-hour emergency service as well as on-site fabrication, allowing us to quickly turn around projects of any size or complexity.

  • Conveyors: Our Team can design and fabricate belt feeders and stationary truss conveyors for light-duty manufacturing or heavy industrial use. Whatever your capacity needs, we can offer competitive pricing on units for a wide variety of applications ranging from material handling and distribution to mining and extraction.
  • Dust Collection: A dust collection system by Tuckey Metal Fabricators can help ensure compliance with EPA and OSHA regulations. Our engineers can assess your workspace's needs and design a system that efficiently collects and processes dust and other atmospheric pollutants. We can also repair or upgrade existing systems with newer, high-efficiency components that save you money on heating, cooling and other overhead costs.
  • Heat Recovery: Tuckey Metal Fabricators can design custom heat recovery systems for almost any industrial application. Different facilities have unique needs as well as unique opportunities for efficiency-improving upgrades. Our engineers and machinists will work with you to develop a heat recovery system that reduces your operating costs while keeping noise and emissions in check.
  • Hydronic and Heat Pumps:Take control of your heating and cooling costs with custom, industrial-size hydronic HVAC units and heat pumps from Tuckey Metal Fabricators. We can design a unit that integrates with your existing HVAC system to provide tangible efficiency improvements throughout your entire facility.
  • Process Piping:Tuckey Metal Fabricators is fully equipped to provide commercial and industrial process piping of any complexity, whether it's designing a system from the ground up or expanding on your existing infrastructure.
  • Material Handling Equipment:Our clients come from diverse industries, and each has specific material handling needs. We are able to design and fabricate a wide range of material handling equipment to meet your demands, from conveyor belts and delivery systems to storage racks, stackers, hoppers and silos.

Materials Handling Systems Repair

Tuckey Metal Fabricators is also available for a variety of materials handling systems repair services. If your conveyor, dust collection or materials handling systems need replaced or repaired, turn to Tuckey Metal Fabricators!

Whatever your metal fabrication needs are, Tuckey Metal Fabricators provides expert service every step of the way, from accurate estimates to surprise-free billing. Contact us today for more information about our full range of metal fabrication services.

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