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If you’ve experienced significant smoke damage in Harrisburg, PA, Carlisle, PA or the surrounding areas, Tuckey Restoration will be there for you in your time of need. We’re experts in remediating all types of smoke damage, including wet smoke damage caused by fires burning at low temperatures and dry smoke damage resulting from higher levels of heat. We also handle cleanup of “puffbacks” that often occur the first time someone turns on their furnace in the fall or early winter. “Puffback” is fuel oil smoke damage stemming from a furnace that does not ignite properly, often due to a lack of preventive maintenance.

Full-Service Fire Damage Restoration

house-fireWhat separates Tuckey from other restoration contractors in the region is that we offer full mitigation, remediation, and reconstruction services. While some companies provide emergency mitigation services to stabilize your building after a fire and other companies provide reconstruction services to help you rebuild after your building has been stabilized, we give you the best of both worlds. Our comprehensive mitigation, remediation, and reconstruction services allow you to deal with one contractor (rather than multiple contractors) throughout your restoration project.

Our award-winning team of restoration specialists has a proud legacy of helping people get their lives back together in the wake of a catastrophe. When disaster destroys, Tuckey stands ready to restore.

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Don’t let smoke damage ruin your Harrisburg, PA or Carlisle, PA property. Contact the South Central PA fire damage restoration pros at Tuckey Restoration as soon as possible after a significant fire or smoke event.

Full service fire and smoke damage restoration.

If residual smoke damage and unpleasant smoky odor lingers in your home, the professionals at Tuckey Restoration stand ready to serve. Contact us 24/7/365.

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