What Does Surge Protection Do?

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Commercial surge power protection acts as a type of “gatekeeper” for your building’s electrical system. We will install high-quality surge protection devices at your main electrical panel or other appropriate, centralized locations that will prevent an increase in the electrical current from reaching and possibly damaging your electrical and electronic equipment. When a sudden voltage spike occurs, it is automatically diverted to the grounding wire inside the protector, before it can travel to the device. Without the diversion, the power spike could disable, or even permanently damage your equipment.

Commercial Surge Protection Is Vital in Today’s High-Tech Workplaces

Contrary to popular belief, most power surges are not the result of lightning strikes during a thunderstorm. A more common cause is the simultaneous use of today’s high-tech electronic and electrical devices that can impede the steady flow of voltage throughout a facility. For example, if you notice a dimming of a nearby light when your large office printer begins to operate, it could be a sign that you need commercial surge power protection.

Commercial Surge Protection: Not a DIY Installation Project!

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As with just about any project that requires working with electricity, attempting to install a surge protector yourself is not recommended. There’s always the risk of causing significant damage to your expensive electronic equipment, as well as the potential for electrocution. Tuckey Mechanical Services will professionally install a commercial-grade surge protection system taking all appropriate safety precautions.

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Don’t take chances with something as critical to the function of your business as your electronic equipment. Contact the pros at Tuckey Mechanical Services to learn more about the benefits of installing a whole-office commercial surge protection system in your Harrisburg, PA or Carlisle, PA-area facility. We’ll be happy to provide a no-obligation estimate for your project.

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