What Is a Commercial Power Surge and Why Do They Happen?

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A commercial power surge is a boost in voltage current that alters the performance of electronic devices and machines. All of the electronics in your building have a specific operating range for power. When surges are strong, electrical currents compromise the stability of wires and circuit boards because the components receive more power than they can handle.

Power surges occur from sources inside and outside commercial buildings. Utility workers can cause a surge when switching between power grids or repairing power lines. However, the appliances around your facility can trigger a surge as well.

Installations such as air conditioning systems, heaters and power tools draw a significant amount of power. Each time the motors inside these appliances kick on, your entire electrical system has to adjust. This rapid adjustment may cause surges exceeding 169 volts to travel through outlets, light switches and circuit-based systems.

Why Are Surge Solutions Important?

Surge protection devices from Tuckey Mechanical Services may save you thousands of dollars in repairs. Where an outlet surge protector defends point-of-use devices, our installations integrate into your building’s electrical service panel for more comprehensive and more professional coverage.

Our devices protect your entire electrical system, including outlets, circuit breakers and anything running on individual circuits like high-energy appliances and lights. Offerings from Tuckey Mechanical Services reduce the chances of electronics overheating or breaking down prematurely due to electrical problems.

Commercial surge protection solutions help you to stay productive around the clock with fewer setbacks. Save money and encourage uptime when you have our technicians set up suitable technology for your industry.

Should I Use Surge Protection Devices for My Building?

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Tuckey Mechanical Services works with business owners and property managers in all industries. Our surge protection devices are excellent for industrial applications, schools, corporate buildings, retail stores and structures that use electronic systems 24/7/365. Keep your doors open for business while safeguarding the purchases your employees depend on for efficiency.

If your commercial building in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, is prone to power surges, we’re here for you. Consider our services immediately if you notice signs of surges at your location, including:

  • Newer electronics in the office fail.
  • Computers and machines reset on their own.
  • Your building’s circuit breaker trips regularly.
  • Indoor light assemblies switch on and off.
  • Device temperatures skyrocket when turned on.
  • High-energy appliances smell like they’re burning.

Types of Commercial Surge Solutions We Provide

Eaton designs many of the commercial surge protection solutions we install. Read on for more information about what our surge protection products can do for your business.

General Electrical Services Commercial Standby Generators

Commercial Surge Protection Devices

Tuckey Mechanical Services technicians fasten surge protection devices to your commercial breaker box. Our Eaton selections will work with electronic systems made by any equipment manufacturer. Convenient LED readouts tell you the status of electrical power in your building, and units are up to UL 1449 4th Edition standards for peace of mind. Our installations protect both indoor and outdoor connections.

Tuckey’s Approach to Commercial Surge Protection

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for commercial surge protection. Tuckey Mechanical Services meets with business managers one-on-one to determine a custom plan for your applications. Our technicians are friendly and transparent about the cost of your investment so that you can stick to your financial goals.

We’ll assess the strength and condition of your electrical system to help you make the correct decision. We’re known for our Better Business Bureau Accreditation and multi-year “Best of Cumberland County” awards, so you know you’re getting the best commercial surge protection technology and service for your endeavors.

Contact Us for Surge Protection and Electrical Repair Services

Tuckey Mechanical Services will tailor a surge protection setup for your business operations. We take on electrical projects across the South Central Pennsylvania area to prevent blackouts and other electrical issues in your commercial setting. Contact our experts to hear more about our process. We also take care of electrical work for homeowners. See the links below for more info.

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Contact us for whole building surge protection.

We can provide commercial surge protection solutions for your entire business operation. For more information or to request service, contact our team at (717) 249-7052.

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