Matching Your Business with the Right Backup Power Solution

A commercial standby generator is your business’s lifeline in a storm. Choosing the right unit isn’t something that should be left to chance. At Tuckey Mechanical Services, we have the expertise necessary to match you with the best generator for your budget. Two main factors play into this:

  • Application: From a retail storefront that simply wants to keeps the lights on and the registers running during an outage to a hospital or data center where staying online is a mission-critical goal, different businesses have different backup power needs. Tuckey Mechanical Services sells several models of emergency generator, from portable units to trailer-mounted standby power systems. We can also supply switchgear and other accessories to ensure a seamless transition to backup power when the grid goes down.
  • Load: It’s not always best to simply purchase the most powerful generator you can afford. Overestimating your emergency power requirements leads to inefficiencies and excess wear that can cost you money. Most commercial backup generators run best at between 50-75% of their rated capacity – outside of that range, you either waste fuel or risk damaging your system’s motor. As such, it’s important to be accurate when choosing a new generator.

For more information about our product offerings or to request a quote for a commercial backup generator, contact Tuckey Mechanical Services in Carlisle today.

Installation and Training

generatorOnce you’ve selected the right system for your application, Tuckey Mechanical Services can provide commercial backup generator installation support at your location. We respect the fact that minimizing disruption to your normal operations is an important priority when having any electrical service done, which is why we work around your schedule to get the job completed faster.

Once your system has been installed and tested, we’ll train your staff on what to do in the event of an emergency. Your staff will also learn how to ensure your generator is properly maintained and serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Maintenance and Warranty Support

Your backup generator requires periodic maintenance and inspections to confirm it will deliver reliable power in the event of an emergency. Tuckey Mechanical Services can add backup generator inspections and tune-ups to your regularly scheduled HVAC and electrical preventive maintenance package. We can also help with any warranty issues that arise and provide repairs on-site. We’re available around the clock to respond to incidents and address your concerns as they happen.

From installation to ongoing maintenance, Tuckey Mechanical Services is your partner for commercial standby power in York, Chambersburg and beyond. Contact us for generator service, installations, consulting and more.

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