What Is an Emergency Standby Generator?


Emergency standby generators help businesses deal with the unexpected. Commercial backup generators keep your doors open when the power goes down. Most standby generators run on natural gas or propane for an uninterrupted source of power you can use for as long as you need.

Commercial generators from Tuckey Mechanical Services are permanent installations for your commercial space. When a power outage occurs, you can keep indoor lights, HVAC systems, security devices and similar technology running. Our experts will configure your backup generator to turn on automatically whether you’re open for business or closed for the evening.

Why Are Commercial Generators Important?

A commercial standby generator is always there for you in case of an emergency. These devices help property owners and business managers plan ahead when inclement weather or a power grid accident is out of their control. Tuckey Mechanical Services ensures your team stays out of the dark with tailored solutions for your business needs. We’ll work with you to decide on an emergency commercial standby generator that suits your applications and industry.

Installing a backup generator for your business gives you peace of mind. Our long-term power solutions enable you to communicate with customers, protect business data and minimize electrical damages at all times.

Reasons to Incorporate a Commercial Generator for Your Building

The benefits of having an industrial generator for your building may include:

  • Keeping your production lines rolling.
  • Maintaining the availability of critical medical equipment for your patients.
  • Keeping refrigerated products cold.
  • Protecting electronics from surges.
  • Ensuring indoor conditions remain comfortable – and safe – for employees, even during extreme weather.
  • Having backup power until the grid is restored.

Backup Power Solutions for Small Businesses

Your business operations are unique. The team at Tuckey Mechanical Services wants to learn more about your industry, building and equipment to determine the commercial generator setup that will live up to your expectations. We build relationships with all of our customers so we can decide on a generator solution that fits your financial budget and emergency power requirements.

We take pride in our impressive customer reviews, as each technician is dedicated to excellence. Our A+ Better Business Bureau rating and our multi-year “Best of Cumberland County” awards are a reflection of our hard work and passion for going above and beyond the competition.

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Types of Commercial Generator Products We Install and Service

It’s vital to work with an experienced professional for safe generator installations and maintenance. Tuckey Mechanical Services provides you with a wide product selection of generators and accessories from Eaton and other leading manufacturers. Speak to us about our offerings below.


Eaton Commercial Generators

Eaton standby generators come in 8,000W, 11,000W, 16,000W, 20,000W and 22,000W builds. Each generator model showcases a natural gas or propane OHVI engine for reliable performance. Our customers in the Carlisle, Pennsylvania, area may receive Eaton commercial standby generators with digital controllers for setup and programming. Outer aluminum housing protects generators in both warm and cold weather environments. Popular offerings for small businesses include the EGENA9, EGENA11, EGENA16 and EGENA22.

Manual Transfer Switches for Commercial Generators

If desired, Tuckey Mechanical Services will configure your emergency standby generator to activate manually when your operations need power. Our experts will explain your options for manual transfer switches that require you to switch on backup power as necessary. This configuration is a cost-effective solution for business owners with part-time locations. You can activate only selected circuits during a power outage without back-feeding the grid.

Automatic Transfer Switches for Commercial Generators

An automatic transfer switch determines when your small business needs backup power. You can leave your workplace knowing that the automatic transfer switch will default to an appropriate power source for critical systems in an emergency. We may recommend 100- and 200-ampere installations to activate backup power for your entire commercial building.

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Tuckey Mechanical Services travels throughout South Central Pennsylvania for generator installations and maintenance. Get in touch with our team for more information about what we can do for your commercial building. If your home calls for electrical wiring repairs or backup power solutions, we’re also here to help!

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Don’t let your business fall prey to a power outage.

At Tuckey Mechanical Services, we can help you design an intuitive, affordable backup power solution so your business doesn’t fall prey to the effects of power outages.

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