What Is a Power Surge and Where Do They Come From?

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A power surge describes an abrupt spike in voltage. Power surges affect wall outlets, cable lines and other connections. When a surge is strong enough, electronic devices can exceed their operating range for power. The sudden increase in electrical current is too much for a device or appliance to handle, so internal components deteriorate.

Lightning strikes or malfunctions at the grid cause most power surges. However, high-powered electrical items can sometimes trigger a surge when you power them on or off. Appliances like refrigerators, dryers and air conditioning units require a significant amount of energy, so smaller surges can happen when your home’s electrical system must adapt too quickly.

Importance of Whole Home Surge Solutions for South Central PA Homeowners

Tuckey Mechanical Services installs whole home surge protection technology inside your home’s electrical service panel. Our offerings protect installations like wall outlets, light switches, standby generators and systems assigned to circuits. Protect your home’s electrical system from internal and external surges. This feature can save you a large sum of money, as sensitive electronics have a better chance of surviving electrical mishaps.

When to Consider Residential Surge Protection Equipment

Our Carlisle, Pennsylvania, home surge protection solutions are useful for all property owners. Whether you recently bought a house or have lived in your current dwelling for years, our products integrate into your existing electrical system for immediate results. Our technicians strongly recommend home surge protection equipment if you regularly experience surges in your residential space. Look out for common signs of surges, like:

  • Electronic clock displays reset.
  • Newer appliances stop working.
  • Devices heat up more than usual during use.
  • You can smell burning wires inside home appliances.
  • Wall outlet surge protectors require a hard reset.
  • Indoor lights start to flicker.
  • Your home’s circuit breaker trips.

Types of Home Surge Protection Solutions We Offer

Technicians at Tuckey Mechanical Services will gladly explain your options for home surge protection equipment. We work with surge protection technology engineered by Eaton and other leading manufacturers. Learn more about what you need to know about our complete home surge protection setups below.

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About Eaton Service Entrance Surge Protection Devices

Eaton designs surge protection units that we install close to your breaker boxes. The devices we install within your home’s electrical system are compatible with all equipment manufacturers. Listings meet the UL 1449 4th Edition standards for indoor and outdoor surge protection. Homeowners can read the LED indicator lights that communicate the current status of the technology.

Tuckey’s Approach to Home Surge Protection Services

When you work with Tuckey Mechanical Services, we tailor your home surge protection installations to your precise needs. You and your family use various electronics for school, cooking, cleaning and entertainment, so we provide you with the products and assistance necessary to prevent costly disasters. We’ll talk about all of your options to keep your home safe with your budget in mind.

Our technicians perform a thorough inspection of your home’s electrical system to provide recommendations for Eaton or other surge protection devices. If your home sits within Carlisle, Pennsylvania, or a surrounding location, few electrical companies will get your project done as thoroughly as Tuckey Mechanical Services. Surges can create a major inconvenience for your routine, so our staff helps you get the problem under control and answers any questions you have during our visit.

There’s a reason why we have phenomenal customer reviews and an “A” ranking on Angie’s List. With Tuckey Mechanical Services, the difference is in our quality of work and attention to detail.

Choose Tuckey Mechanical Services for Home Surge Protection Work

Tuckey Mechanical Services looks forward to helping you. We’ll visit your home in the South Central part of Pennsylvania to suggest reliable surge protection technology for your existing setup. If needed, you can also turn to our professionals for electrical repairs that involve wiring and updating your commercial business.

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