What Is Backflow?

Water supply lines are designed to deliver clean water to your home or facility through a system of pipes that flow in one direction. However, if your water system suddenly loses pressure, a malfunction called backflow may occur. Backflow is a plumbing issue that happens when potentially-contaminated water is sucked back into clean water lines during low pressure. When pressure is reintroduced, hazardous substances from the contaminated water flow back into the main water supply.

One example of a potential backflow hazard includes your home’s irrigation system. If there is water covering one of the nozzles during a loss of system pressure, pesticides and fertilizers from your yard can be sucked into the water lines. When pressure is restored, those chemicals may be introduced into the public water system. Backflow is also common in facilities and businesses that use hazardous chemicals like car washes, dry cleaners, and hair salons.

Backflow is a potential risk for both residential and commercial water lines. Safety devices and testing are recommended and often required (by your municipality or state authorities) to protect clean water lines from contamination. We provide backflow prevention services to test and repair your system so you have peace of mind.

What Happens When Backflow Occurs?

When backflow occurs, potentially-hazardous substances like chemicals, toxins and bacteria can pollute the community water system, setting the stage for potential public health risks such as:

  • Property damage 
  • Illness
  • Burns

Backflow incidents are somewhat common in the United States. Many communities issue a brief boil water advisory while the problem is resolved. However, extreme incidents have resulted in explosions and fatal illnesses or injuries.

How to Prevent Backflow

Backflow preventers are devices you can add to your existing plumbing system to stop compromised water from flowing back into the clean water line. They feature a valve that closes when water starts flowing in reverse and protects the line from compromised water until normal pressure is restored. There are different types of backflow preventers designed for various hazards and applications. Our certified team will ensure you have the right backflow prevention device and perform annual tests to make sure it’s working properly.

Why Is Backflow Prevention Important? 

Taking measures to prevent backflow can help protect your water supply from contamination. Other reasons why backflow prevention is important include:

  • Protect against fires: If chemicals backflow into the waterline, it sets the stage for explosions to potentially occur. Firefighters and sprinkler systems also need clean water to safely eliminate fires. Backflow prevention is necessary to protect your home or business and the people inside from fires. 
  • Prevent widespread illness: Backflow prevention helps control the spread of disease. When viruses and toxins enter the public water system, they can reach thousands of people in a short amount of time. 
  • Meet plumbing requirements: Many municipalities and states require backflow prevention devices and annual testing – potentially for both homes and businesses alike. By keeping up on backflow prevention requirements that apply to your home or business, you can avoid costly fines. 
  • Protect your community: No home or business owner wants to be responsible for widespread illness or injury. Schedule backflow prevention services to protect your family, neighbors and customers. 
  • Avoid costly repairs: Even mild backflow incidents can damage your pipes, which can then lead to expensive repairs. Investing in backflow prevention services is much more convenient and cost-effective. 

Our Backflow Testing Services 

Backflow testing is important and required in many local ordinances to prevent backflow incidents. Protecting your home or business and the surrounding community is simple with Tuckey Mechanical Services. Our certified staff can perform a wide range of backflow testing services, including:

  • Identifying potential backflow hazards.
  • Recommending the appropriate backflow prevention system. 
  • Installing backflow prevention equipment.
  • Testing your existing backflow prevention assembly. 
  • Making necessary repairs to achieve compliance and safety standards.

Tuckey Mechanical Services Is Your Backflow Prevention Service Company 

Tuckey Mechanical Services provides qualified and convenient plumbing services for home and business owners. Our highly-skilled team of trained, insured, and certified plumbers works quickly to test and repair your backflow prevention system to ensure safety and compliance. With our help, you can rest assured that your home or facility has minimized its risk of backflow incidents. We take pride in providing exceptional service to our clients in Carlisle, Harrisburg, and the wider South Central PA region.

To learn more about our complete backflow services, call (717) 249-1535 or contact us online today!

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