What Is Custom Metal Fabrication?

Precision CuttingMetal fabrication refers to the process of cutting, shaping or molding metal materials into a finished product. Custom metal fabrication takes it a step further by creating a “made-to-order” item that serves the user’s specific purposes or applications. In many cases, customization involves the development of a unique shape or design that may require non-standard tooling or modified equipment to produce — along with specialized expertise that is sometimes beyond the scope of more traditional manufacturers. Custom metal fabrication may used to create a functional piece (such as a custom component for a boat, motorcycle, or car) or a decorate piece (such as a water fountain or piece of metal artwork). The possibilities are endless!

Our Wide Assortment of Custom Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Custom Fabrication
With our decades of metal fabrication expertise, you can trust Tuckey Metal Fabricators to create a custom product that meets your functional and aesthetic requirements. Examples include:

  • Custom metal fountains: Whether your architect has a design drawn up, or you simply have an idea you’d like to see come to life, we can create a unique piece for your home.
  • Custom spiral staircases: Think of how a gleaming metal spiral staircase could add the perfect touch of elegance to your home – whether inside or outside.
  • Custom kitchen hoods: A custom kitchen hood can transform an ordinary stove top into an architectural masterpiece that will make your kitchen a beautiful home showcase.
  • Custom automobile or boat parts: Do you own a motorcycle, camper or vintage auto? We can custom-fabricate parts and accessories that will enhance the beauty of your vehicle, while also serving its functional requirements.

Feel free to contact Tuckey Metal Fabricators with your custom home metal fabrication idea. We’ll work closely with you to bring your concept to life!

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