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Tuckey Metal Fabricators is a full-service welding and fabrication shop providing custom solutions to clients in various industries. Our extensive solutions allow us to cater to the specific needs of our customers and create products that suit their unique needs. Aside from custom metal parts fabrication, our commercial services also include:

Specializing in a Broad Range of Metal Fabrication Technologies

Specializing in a Broad Range of Technologies

Tuckey Metal Fabricators is equipped with knowledge and expertise on the latest technologies in metal fabrication. Our commitment to delivering superior products and services to our clients motivates us to apply the best practices in the industry. Our metal fabrication technologies include:

  • AutoCAD and 3D modeling
  • SDS duct cutting software.
  • High-definition CNC cutting and bending

Comprehensive Suite of Services

Metal fabrication is a long and complex process that involves several steps. Tuckey Metal Fabricators provides support during the entire process, helping our clients get the custom metal parts they need according to required specifications. Our custom metal parts fabrication services include:

  • Design assistance: If you need support developing a design that works best for your needs or want to make sure your existing design can be translated into your desired product, our team can help you. With our in-house design services, we can easily concept drawings and blueprints for your projects, or we can work with your existing engineer or architect to finalize the metal fabrication-related components of your project.
  • Prototyping: We offer prototyping services if you need physical samples of your metal parts. This process helps ensure that all aspects of the product fit within your system, including materials and performance. Prototyping is highly recommended for large orders to make room for testing before final production.
  • High quality welding service: You can count on our advanced welding capabilities and skilled welders to deliver the highest-quality custom metal parts. We offer several welding services, including TIG, MIG, stick and arc (AC/DC) welding, as part of our fabrication process.
  • Cutting and forming: Our custom metal fabrication process includes cutting and forming, using precision, high-definition CNC cutting systems to achieve the correct shapes and sizes for your metal parts. With the latest fabrication technologies, our equipment makes precise cuts on the metal and forms it according to specified tolerances.
  • Assembly: For projects that require permanent weld solutions, we provide assembly services to ensure all components work in order. Our specialists will help fasten metal parts together and share their knowledge on efficient disassembly methods as needed.
  • Finishing: We use high-quality metals in fabrication, but we also offer finishing services to make your custom parts aesthetically pleasing, corrosion-resistant, longer-lasting and tarnish-free. Aside from providing protection, finishing also improves the look of your metal parts.  Our finishing capabilities include an in-house paint booth.
  • On-site millwrights: Tuckey Metal Fabricators have a fleet of trucks ready for dispatch if you need millwrighting assistance. We can provide valuable support at your work site to help complete projects and avoid losses caused by production delays. This service is available at your convenience, so contact our team to schedule an appointment.


Benefits of Custom Metal Fabrication

Benefits of Custom Metal Fabrication

Individual industries have unique needs. Metal parts vary according to their applications, which explains why buying parts and components off the shelf isn’t always the best approach. At Tuckey Metal Fabricators, our solution is to give customers the option to purchase custom-made metal parts. Custom metal manufacturing presents numerous benefits:


Custom metal fabrication uses high-quality materials that can withstand a variety of environments and end applications. As a result, we produce durable products that perform optimally, and you gain the freedom to choose which materials work best for your design and your budget.

Design Flexibility

Custom fabrication allows you the flexibility to design your own metal parts or make changes to existing designs, especially if they no longer fit your application. At Tuckey Metal Fabricators, we can help you reconfigure your designs to ensure they fit your current system. This customization opportunity also helps you accommodate other functionalities that you may want to include in your products in the future.

Unique Products

With custom metal fabrication, you can get metal parts that are unique to your business. If you need metal components for a product that’s not available anywhere else, custom fabrication can help you source everything you need and ensure it is made to your exact specifications.

Increased Productivity

Having the parts you need for your projects reduces downtime and increases productivity in your operations. It also lessens the time spent on assembling and disassembling systems, increasing efficiency on-site. Custom metal fabrication affords you these benefits by producing precise parts for your projects.

Cost and Time-Efficiency

When you can’t find the specific parts you need for your projects, it can cause delays in your production. Frequent interruptions due to missing components affect your timeline and may lead to losses. With custom fabrication, you have more control over the availability of your parts, and you no longer need to wait for retailers to restock what you need.


Custom metal fabrication usually has no minimum order requirement. You’re free to order as many parts as you need when you need them. At Tuckey Metal Fabricators, it doesn’t matter how many or few metal parts you ask us to produce. All custom metal part orders get the same quality treatment, no matter the quantity.

Industries Served

Almost every industry has a need for metal parts. This varies significantly depending on their intended purpose. Tuckey Metal Fabricators creates custom metal parts with a wide range of applications. We cater to various industries, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Construction: We can design and manufacture metal parts for building projects, such as fire escapes, metal staircases, catwalks and decking.
  • HVAC: We create standardized and specialized ductwork, as well as accessories for different HVAC systems.
  • Specialty manufacturing: We provide specialty manufacturing services for the production of OEM parts and other unique metal components.
  • Aerospace: We create solutions for the unique demands of the aerospace industry to ensure the optimal function and protection of vital components.
  • Farming: We produce specialized parts for farming equipment and support the local farming industry in South Central Pennsylvania.

Why Choose Tuckey Metal Fabricators?

With over 40 years in the industry, Tuckey Metal Fabricators has mastered the art of metal fabrication. We are well-versed in the ins and outs of this manufacturing process and confident we can deliver results to your satisfaction. When you choose to work with us, you also get to enjoy the benefits of our:

  • Advanced technology: We’ve invested in the latest technology in metal fabrication to ensure we deliver the best products possible. We understand the importance of custom metal parts for various industries and see that ours exceed expectations.
  • Build-to-spec service: We take pride in being able to offer a build-to-spec service to our clients because it’s a testament to our level of expertise. Our custom solutions allow us to give you the parts you need exactly when you want them. This approach helps you save time and costs spent looking for parts that don’t work for you.
  • Excellent craftsmanship: At Tuckey Metal Fabricators, we have a team of experts ready to work on your custom metal fabrication requests. Backed by years of experience and industry knowledge, our specialists can create the metal parts you need for your projects.
  • Best-class customer support: We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, as well as smaller businesses in the region. Whether you’re a household name or a local fixture, no matter the size of your order, we have dedicated customer care specialists to handle your requests.
  • Accurate price estimates: At Tuckey Metal Fabricators, we provide accurate, fair estimates on our products and services. With years of industry experience under our belt, our engineers are well-informed in metal fabrication, so you can rely on us to provide accurate project costs.
  • 24-hour emergency services: We recognize that emergencies happen and want to be there for our customers during these situations. We have on-call specialists ready to respond to your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Contact Tuckey Metal Fabricators for Reliable Custom Solutions

Contact Tuckey Metal Fabricators for Reliable Custom Solutions

We built our name on quality service, and we intend to maintain a reputation that highlights our strengths by continuing to provide expert solutions to your metal fabrication needs. Whether you need metal parts for your industrial operations, components for your architectural projects or accessories for your HVAC systems, our expert fabricators can provide them for you. We design and build superior quality custom-made metal pieces for all systems and projects.

Tuckey Metal Fabricators is part of the Tuckey family of companies, including Tuckey Mechanical Services and Tuckey Restoration. We are headquartered in Carlisle, PA, and service commercial customers across the South Central PA region. We ship fabricated metal parts nationwide. Contact us today for custom metal parts fabrication and other commercial services.

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