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Heat Pumps
If you’re a homeowner in Harrisburg, PA, Carlisle, PA, or elsewhere in the South Central PA region, Tuckey Mechanical Services can supply you with a dependable heat pump that will maximize your home’s heating and cooling efficiency. We’re proud to recommend an assortment of heat pumps from Bryant, a recognized leader in home comfort solutions for more than a century. Bryant has a proven track record of doing whatever it takes to deliver trusted comfort, quality and value.

Bryant heat pumps combine superior performance with the broadest selection of comfort options on the market. Our Bryant inventory includes an economy heat pump line that delivers exceptional year-round heating and cooling value, “mid-range” models that provide all-season flexibility for total home comfort, and a premium line for the highest-quality efficiency and performance.

As a full-service heating contractor, we can provide you with expert guidance when selecting the ideal heat pump for your needs and budget. We can also handle the entire installation process.

Top-Notch Heat Pump Repair Service

NATE certified techniciansWe back our quality heat pump installations with reliable service after the sale. You can count on Tuckey Mechanical Services for expert heat pump repair service to ensure your unit continues to function efficiently. Our team of NATE certified technician are equipped to install and service all major brands of heat pumps on the market, backed by industry-recognized training to ensure your job is done right! We even offer 24/7 repair service to handle those unexpected heating and cooling emergencies.

How Heat Pumps Work

Instead of burning fuel to change your home’s temperature — as HVAC systems do — heat pumps simply transfer heat from one area to another.

As a general heat transfer principal, the transfer of heat goes from a hot object to a cold object.  Heat pumps leverage this process to optimize your home’s comfort. On cold days, a heat pump captures warm air and circulates it into your home. On hotter days, the process is repeated in reverse, moving warmer air from your home outside. It’s a simple, effective process that keeps your home at a comfortable temperature.

Types of Heat Pumps

There are several types of heat pumps, each categorized by the sources from which they pull their heat. The three most common types include air, geothermal and water:

  • Air: These pumps operate by capturing and transferring heat energy from air. These are arguably the most-used type of heat pump and are very efficient. With the advanced technology available today, air-source heat pumps can even operate effectively in subfreezing temperatures.
  • Geothermal: This kind of heat pump transfers heat from within the Earth to your home. Though geothermal heat pumps can be more expensive to install, they take advantage of the more stabile year-round temperatures inside of the ground to heat your home comfortably.
  • Water: A water heat pump will capture and transfer heat energy from a water source, utilizing it to optimize your home’s comfort.

Benefits of Heat Pumps

Installing heat pumps offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Cost-efficiency: A heat pump is generally more affordable to maintain than other combustion heaters. Because of its simple design and easy heat transfer, it has fewer components that could break or wear down — meaning you may not be picking up the phone to call for maintenance nearly as much.
  • Safety: Other systems rely on burning or combustion to generate heat, creating potential for related problems. Heat pumps don’t rely upon combustible fuels or any flame in the unit (like a furnace would).
  • Durability: Heat pumps have been around for decades, proving themselves to be a reliable, durable HVAC system option.

Do Heat Pumps Work?

The great thing about heat pumps is that you can use them in many climates. Recent innovations have made heat pumps effective even in near-freezing conditions, meaning they’ll work great in Central Pennsylvania, too.

For areas such as Carlise, PA and Harrisburg, PA you can find the efficiency and affordability you need with a heat pump.

Locations We Service in Central Pennsylvania

Tuckey Mechanical Services caters to many communities in Central PA. For homeowners looking to install heat pumps in Harrisburg, Chambersburg or Carlisle, Tuckey has you covered with our expert team. At Tuckey, we can provide you with the information and guidance you need to ensure a heat pump is right for you.

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