Choosing the Right Water Pump

Water pumps are useful for homeowners who rely on a private well for a consistent water supply. However, wells range in size and depth, making it crucial to find the right water pump to maintain efficiency. Our team is versed in all water pump types and has the expertise to complete quality installations and long-lasting repairs.

The following are the top three types of water pumps used on residential properties:

Submersible Pumps

A submersible water pump is completely submerged in the well, where it uses a motor to extract water from below and push it through the pump to the above-ground reservoir. This type of pump is popular among homeowners because its powerful suction force enables water to travel long distances. Submersible pumps tend to be highly durable since they must be watertight to work correctly.

Jet Pumps

Jet pumps operate above ground and can even be installed in the home. The pump uses a suction pipe to create a vacuum and draw water from the well to provide households with running water. On top of being used for the plumbing in the home, these pumps are also great for irrigation and gardening. Since jet pumps operate outside of the well, they are easily accessible when maintenance or repairs are needed.

Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are much smaller than other options. These pumps use impellers to draw water from the source and rotational energy to transfer it from one end to another. Due to their compact size, they can only extract water from shallow wells. They also don’t have drive seals, making them more resistant to corrosion and other sediments that could cause damage.

Tuckey Companies Cutting-Edge Water Pump Services


Cutting-Edge Water Pump Services

If you’re considering installing a new water pump or need help with a faulty unit, Tuckey Mechanical Services will get the job done. We specialize in residential water pump solutions and provide full-scale plumbing service.

We only use proven, high-quality water well equipment when working on an installation or repair, ensuring we provide dependable, long-lasting functionality. Our team is knowledgeable about the current technologies used in the water well industry and will always offer the best solutions for your unique situation.

Water Pump Installation

Our skilled technicians will support you in every aspect of a new water pump installation, including helping you find the pump that is best for your home. We take careful consideration when working on your installation and will evaluate the size of your well, your water supply needs and your budget. If you need an upgrade from your current worn-out unit, we can replace it and install a new pump with improved efficiency and performance.

At Tuckey Mechanical Services, we supply the finest water pump equipment and use industry-standard installation methods to deliver a dependable water supply to your home. We take pride in our quality of work and pay close attention to detail on every project to ensure your new installation meets your specifications.

Water Pump Repair

When you experience water pump failure, the entire operation of your household becomes disrupted. Since the pump supplies running water to your faucets, showers and other fixtures, it is crucial to act immediately when it starts causing problems. With our in-depth knowledge of different types of water pumps, we can handle any issue you may have and perform the necessary repairs to restore your pump’s function quickly.

We understand that every water system is different, so we take the time to examine your unit and acknowledge your concerns to produce effective solutions. Pumps have numerous moving parts and may experience issues ranging from decreased water pressure to pressure switch failures. Our team is fully equipped to find the source of the problem and offer an accurate diagnosis.

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