Code Red Program Highlights for South Central PA Homes & Businesses

wind or storm damage
When you sign up for the Code Red program, you can be assured that you’ll receive the best possible service in the case of property damage. In most standard emergency cases, our experts come into the situation “blind,” having never seen your facility prior to your emergency situation. But as part of the Code Red program, our team surveys your facility ahead of time — before you need assistance — to become fully familiar with the building, record relevant information, and develop a file for easy reference if and when disaster strikes.

The familiarization process helps our team respond more quickly in an emergency situation and be more effective in those first few critical hours, having already been made familiar with your facility.

With the Code Red Program, you agree to contact our experts in the event of an emergency as your go-to damage restoration service provider. You’ll then get access to the industry’s best contractors who are dedicated to restoring your property to its pre-loss condition and gain peace of mind knowing that our team is familiar with your unique facility needs. The program is primarily geared toward building owners attempting to minimize risk at their facility – whether a large industrial plant or a small local business.

Examples of the program’s service offerings include 24/7 emergency response, which is often crucial for mitigating and remediating damage in the wake of a disaster. Depending on the nature and scope of the catastrophic event, your project might require services such as:

  • Emergency board-up and tarping
  • Water damage mitigation
  • Fire and smoke remediation
  • Tree removal and horticultural services
  • Mold and environmental remediation
  • Reconstruction and repair work
  • Fine arts services, or
  • Contents (personal property) restoration

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Tuckey Restoration is part of the Tuckey family of companies, which has been providing superior contracting services to home and business owners in Central PA for half a century. The Code Red program is yet another example of our commitment to serving the needs of our customer base. Sign up for your free Code Red emergency card and 24/7 hotline number today.

Emergency disaster assistance for your business.

For peace of mind in case of emergencies, learn more about Tuckey’s Code Red Emergency Response Program.

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