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Our roots as a service company date back to 1968. Though advances in technology continuously change the way we work, our commitment to superior service in our community remains the same.

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Tuckey Mechanical Services, Inc. – We design with you in mind. Our heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems meet your specific needs. When you work with us, you receive expertise in mechanical services. We listen to your concerns and take time to explain our working methods.

Tuckey Restoration, Inc. – When disaster strikes your property, you feel overwhelmed. Fire, wind, water, mold, or storm damage destroy more than buildings, they also erode your sense of serenity. We restore both. Our emergency board up, clean up, dry out, restoration, and reconstruction services return your property to the place you knew before the catastrophe, so you can return to your life in peace. Our team’s expertise also extends to professional duct cleaning, historical preservation, and general remodeling services – we’re happy to help make your dreams a reality.

Tuckey Metal Fabricators, Inc. – Trust your fabrication work to Tuckey. In the shop, our technicians, mechanics, welders, technologists, AutoCAD operators, and CNC high definition plasma cutting experts combine their professional skills to create fabrications meeting your unique needs. In the field, our metal mechanics and millwrights provide expert rigging, industrial maintenance, on-site welding, and millwrighting service at your location!

You don’t have to look far to see the Tuckey Companies’ work. Central Pennsylvania feels the positive impact of our commitment to excellence from State College to York, and from Chambersburg to Lancaster. Close to home or states away, our focus remains: superior service.

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Your Home Service Experts

You can trust Tuckey to deliver exceptional services in your South Central PA home. Tuckey Mechanical Services delivers cutting-edge HVAC technology for your home, helps keep the lights (and more) on when the power goes out with emergency standby generators, provides energy-efficient water heaters, and offers 24/7 emergency service to get your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems back up-and-running no matter the time of day.

Tuckey Restoration will be there in no time in the wake of a disaster to mitigate fire, water or wind damage to your home. Our team members carry water damage restoration and mold remediation certifications that give you confidence in a job properly done. And when it’s time to remodel or build an addition on your home, our experienced carpenters stand ready to serve!

Homeowners and hobbyists will appreciate Tuckey Metal Fabricators’ expertise in custom metal fabrication. We’ll help turn your back-of-the-napkin drawing into reality. Our truly unique projects include custom kitchen hoods, spiral staircases, ornamental water fountains, and custom accessories for vintage cars, boats, and motorcycles. Have an idea? Give us a call!

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Commercial Services in PA

Whether you’re a general contractor looking for a qualified partner in specialty trades, an industrial plant manager seeking an industrial maintenance provider and parts fabricator, or a local business owner searching for a reliable building service provider, the Tuckey Companies stand ready to serve. Our comprehensive and complementary set of trades-related services equip us to be a truly turn-key partner for your business. Tuckey Mechanical Services offers HVAC, plumbing, and electrical design-build services as well as bid-spec, Tuckey Metal Fabricators can fabricate components in-house to be shipped across the country or send experienced field crews to provide on-site services in the Mid-Atlantic region, and Tuckey Restoration stands ready to respond at a moment’s notice after fire, wind, water, mold, or storm damage affects your business.

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Ask Our Experts About Fall

Answers to your questions about Fall home maintenance, mechanical systems, commercial services, and more!

How to Clean Up Fire and Smoke Damage

Table of Contents How to clean up Smoke Damage Can You Clean Smoke Damage Yourself? 8 Immediate Steps to Take After Smoke and Soot Damage  Common Questions Regarding Smoke and Fire Damage How to Detect Fire and Smoke Damage Common Smoke Damage Scenarios How Professionals Clean Interior and Exterior Smoke Damage Steps Behind Smoke Damage […]

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Ask Our Experts: How Does the Restoration Insurance Claim Process Work?

Article originally published on September 29, 2013. Content and graphics revised on November 3, 2021. In This Article: What Does a Restoration Company Do? How does the restoration insurance claim process work? What Should You Do During and Immediately Following a Disaster? How Should You Get Restoration Work Done Through Your Insurance Company? What Are […]

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Home Hygiene Tips

Taking care of your home is as important as taking care of your body. Cleaning and disinfecting your home helps reduce your risk of infection to keep you and your family healthy. Use these home hygiene and health tips to maintain a clean, comfortable environment. Understanding Why Good Home Hygiene Is Important General home hygiene […]

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A Comprehensive Comparison of the Different Types of Metal Fabrication

Homeowners and commercial businesses take on a multitude of projects throughout the year. But what happens when you don’t have the correct parts to build a staircase, construct a building or complete an HVAC system? Tuckey Metal Fabricators, Inc. provides custom fabrication solutions, on-site welding, millwrighting services, expert rigging and industrial maintenance to support you […]

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What Products Can Be Made From Metal Fabrication Processes?

In This Article:  The History of Metal Fabrication What is The Metal Fabrication Process? Common Products That Are Made From Metal Choose Tuckey Metal Fabricators, Inc. for Your Next Metal Fabrication Project Whether you run a business or own a home, you may have heard about metal fabrication, but don’t really know what it is […]

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What Is Personal Property and Contents Restoration?

It doesn’t take much to cause damage to personal property or a building’s contents. In the case of a flood, a single inch of water can generate as much as $25,000 worth of damage. From 2012 to 2016, the average insurance claim from fire or lightning damage was more than $50,000. Damage to your personal […]

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The Importance of a Properly Managed Construction Project in a Healthcare Environment

Whether you are updating your healthcare facility or restoring your hospital after a natural disaster, construction projects in healthcare environments require specific skills and knowledge for safe and successful execution. When performing construction or restoration work in a hospital or other medical facility, precautions must be taken to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and […]

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Can You Explain “Grades” of Products?

In This Article:  What Does Contract Grade Mean? What is Custom Grade? What is Builder Grade? What Does “Like Kind and Quality” Mean in Restoration? What Is a “Change Order” in Property Restoration? What Is a “Supplement” in Restoration? What Does “Commercial Grade” or “Contractor Grade” Mean? Why Is Grading Important? Schedule Professional Restoration Services […]

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What Is MRT/MRS Certification?

If you are faced with mold contamination in your home or business, you will want an effective mold remediation service that eliminates growth and prevents it from coming back in the future. However, many mold removal professionals are under-qualified and not equipped with the right skills or knowledge to properly address mold. When choosing a […]

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How to Select a Quality Metal Fabrication Company

Question for Our Experts: What’s the best way to go about selecting a quality metal fabrication company for my custom metal fabrication project?   Our Experts’ Answer: If you’re looking for a quality metal fabrication company for your next custom project, rest assured that today’s competitive market offers many options!  That said, there are a […]

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Ask Our Experts: Dealing with Soot Damage

Question for Our Experts: My furnace malfunctioned, and now I have soot damage throughout my home.  What needs to be done?   Our Experts’ Answer: While soot may resemble smoke residues from a fire, the restoration of soot damage often requires different techniques.  Incorrect action can make restoration more difficult and delay the return to […]

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Tuckey Restoration Earns Top Performer Award

(Carlisle, Penn., May 15, 2017) – Tuckey Restoration, a member company of DKI, North America’s largest disaster restoration contracting organization, proudly announced their recognition as a Contractor Connection Top Performer for 2016 based on their dedication to quality and excellence in service. The Top Performer Award is given out each year to performance leaders who […]

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Most Common Metal Fabrication Processes and Applications

What Is the Metal Fabrication Process? | Fabricated Metals Used in Product Making | Industries That Use Metal-Fabricated Products | Everyday Items Made from Metal Fabrication Processes In every household and working environment, metal plays a major role in how people operate. From appliances and light fixtures to desk tools, chairs, and utensils, metal is […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Right Paint for Door Jams

Question. Should your door jam color be the same as the room you’re exiting or entering?  I just painted the bathroom, and the color in the bathroom is darker than the room you walk into from the bathroom.  I painted the door on the inside to match the walls, and the walls on the outside […]

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Tuckey Restoration Trains to Minimize Infectious Diseases in Healthcare Facilities

CARLISLE, PA – Tuckey Restoration, Inc., a member company of DKI, North America’s largest disaster restoration contracting organization, today announced its completion of The Linders Health Institute’s specialized training for infection control during disaster recovery in healthcare facilities. Since hospitals affected by natural disasters risk the spread of airborne pathogens and infectious diseases, the requirement […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Add Color to an Old Home

Question. Recently purchased old 1885 home. Kitchen has 10′ ceilings. Countertops & backsplash (3″ x 3″) and floor (12″ x 12″) tiles were installed in the early 90’s and are blue-grey w/blue/brown grout. Stacking cabinets (with flush – no trim doors) on two sides go almost to ceiling and are painted a pale grey, trim […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Mixing Light, Dark in Kitchen

Question. We have maple cabinets with a white wash porcelain glaze. The appliances are white. We would like to add a dark granite counter top (many shade of brown) and a dark hardwood (like cherry) floor. Would this combination work? If not, what would you suggest? Answer. The mix of the dark and light could […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Paint Color for Kitchen

Q. In my kitchen I have stark white cabinets, a black and white tiled floor, and absolute black granite countertops. The appliances are stainless steel. What wall color would you suggest? Would a pale yellow look okay? I would like to add some color and have no idea what would look good. Thanks!! A.   You […]

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Ask Our Experts: Whole-Home, Wired Smoke Detectors

Question for Our Experts: I’ve heard about whole-home, wired smoke detectors.  What are they all about, and why are they so great? Our Experts’ Answer: Short Answer This type of smoke detector is called “wired” because it relies on a hardwired power connection as its primary source of power (with battery as a backup), and […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Paint Selection

Q.  I have cherry cabinets and granite counter tops that have black, tans, browns, and rust colors. My appliances are stainless steel and black. What do you recommend for a wall color? I’m trying to stay away from whites and beiges. Any ideas? A. You may want to consider a warm color to balance the […]

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Tuckey Restoration Hosts Microbial Risk Course

(CARLISLE, Penn. March 15, 2016) – Tuckey Restoration, a member company of DKI, North America’s largest disaster restoration contracting organization, hosted a Microbial Risk Management course on March 1, 2016, at its corporate headquarters at 170 Stover Drive. The CEC approved course was open to those involved in the structural restoration industry and included over […]

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What Is a Heat Recovery System?

Understanding Heat Recovery Systems | What Are the Best Heat Recovery Systems for a Building? | The Importance of Heat Recovery Systems in Industrial Environments | Advantages and Disadvantages of Heat Recovery Systems | Heat Recovery System Installation Process Over time, the energy needs of modern humans have become more varied and complex — transportation, […]

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Clear the Air: How and Why Dust Collection Systems Benefit Businesses

Dust-collection systems hold the potential to enhance safety, increase efficiency and reduce costs wherever and whenever they are used to their full capacity. They are designed to have a positive effect on your bottom line and work environment. Production, manufacturing, and industrial facilities must comply with standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the […]

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Ask Our Experts: Careers in Metal Fabrication

Why Working in Metal Fabrications is a Good Career Path Question for Our Experts: I am looking to start my career in metal fabrication. What should I expect? Our Experts’ Answer: The Short Answer As with many trades, careers in metal fabrication can have very favorable prospects particularly for those who are highly skilled and […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Wall Paint Selection Given Mahogany Furniture

Q.  I am building a “BIG” new house with high ceiling, formal living, and dining, den and keeping room.  Most, if not all, of my furniture will be mahogany. Kindly help to select carpet and wall color for the above. A. We would need additional information about your home, including your style, likes, and dislikes, […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Paint Selection for a Bland Kitchen

Q.  We have a brown color floor, white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.  So tell me what color to paint the kitchen? A. We would need additional information regarding your favorite colors, the style of your home, other decor you may have, etc. If you have a favorite set of dishes or a favorite painting, […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Brightening Up Dark Spaces

Q.  We purchased a new home with terra cotta floors and wood paneling.  We’re not planning any major renovations at this point, so we’re stuck with the darkness of the room. I want to add some color to this room. This room flows into the kitchen, which has dark cabinets. What color can I use […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Paint Selection for Small Bedrooms

Q.  Should I paint all four walls in a small bedroom (12 x 12) the same dark color – or should I only paint a wall or two? A. In a small room, you have a couple of options. You may want to paint all four walls and the ceiling the same color. By not […]

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Ask Our Experts: Shower Water Temperature Fluctuations

In This Article: Why does my shower temperature fluctuate? Troubleshooting Solutions to Regulate Hot Water How to Fix Fluctuating Shower Temperature Importance of Professional Plumbing Contact Tuckey Companies for Plumbing Services Why does my shower temperature fluctuate? Inadequate water heater size Competing nearby appliances Side effects of tankless water heaters A faulty valve Before we […]

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Ask Our Experts: What Is “Metal Fabrication” Anyway?

</br clear=”all”> Question for Our Experts I am familiar with your HVAC, electrical, plumbing, remodeling, and restoration services, but I see you also offer something called metal fabrication. What’s that all about, and why would I ever need metal fabrication services? Our Experts’ Answer Guide to Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Look around you. Many people […]

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Quick Q&A: What is Historic Preservation?

Quick Q: What is “historic preservation,” especially in the context of the construction industry? Quick A: Simply, historic preservation is the initiative of preserving and protecting buildings and landscapes of historical significance. Any discussion of historic preservation is likely to include the following terms: preservation, conservation, and restoration. Preservation is focused on prolonging the existence […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Safely Cleaning Cabinetry

Q.  I have original knotty pine cabinets in my kitchen. I want to strip them and clean them where the stove has been. The grease and grime is so thick. I want to keep the knotty pine look, I just want it to be cleaner and more original and old-fashioned what can I use to […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Repainting a Kitchen to Match Its Hardware

Cabinetry, countertops, doorknobs, and handles are all in place.  Now – what to do about the wall?  Here’s what to consider when thinking about color schemes for your kitchen: Q.  I would like to repaint my kitchen. The house was built four and a half years ago and the kitchen was painted all white. What […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Matching Room Colors in a Finished Basement

Everybody loves a finished basement. Top it off just right with a properly-matched color scheme! Q.  I have grey carpet in my basement with grey walls. My furniture is red and my tables are glass top with black lacquer shelves underneath. I put black and mustard yellow throw pillows on furniture. On the walls, I […]

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Ask Our Experts: Do’s and Dont’s after Sewage & Flood Damage

Nobody wants to be in your shoes – you’ve just come home to backed-up sewage lines or a flooded basement.  What next?  Here are some practical tips for dealing with sewage and flood damage at your home, from the experts at Tuckey Restoration! Question for Our Experts What are some helpful tips for rapid recovery […]

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Ask Our Experts: Preventing Water Damage at Your Home

Question for Our Experts What can I do to help prevent water damage in my basement and throughout my house? Our Experts’ Answer The Short Answer Water damage at your home can be costly, but it is preventable!  DIY preventive measures are generally focused on routine checks that you should perform at your home throughout […]

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Ask Our Experts: Property Cleanup After Vandalism Damage

Question for Our Experts What are some initial cleaning steps that a property owner or facilities manager can take in the building restoration process after vandalism has occurred?  Are there any common mistakes that property owners should avoid when trying to clean-up after vandalism damage? Our Experts’ Answer The Short Answer Vandalism damage takes many […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Styling a 100-Year-Old Home

Are you an old home enthusiast wondering how to style (or re-style) your favorite gem?  Let’s drop in on this Q&A session with someone in a similar situation: Q. I have a 100-year-old farmhouse that has dark trim and doors throughout. The previous owners painted the walls white in order to sell, but it is […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Matching Colors in Open Spaces

Red, white, and blue – how to match your favorite colors with white walls in an open living space?  This Interior Design Q&A with the team at Tuckey Restoration happens to address that very question! Q. I have white cabinets in my kitchen with 8-foot ceilings and I am trying to decide what color I […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Stainless & Wrought Iron Together?

Here’s quick-and-easy Q&A – hopefully helpful to many! Q. I am going with stainless appliances in my kitchen. Is it important to match with stainless hardware, sink fixtures as well as my chandelier and pendent lighting or can I also use wrought iron in combination with the stainless? A. An eclectic assortment of finishes can […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Color Scheme for Open Living Spaces

So much space – what to do with it? Q. I just moved into a new home. I bought brand new furniture for my living room. Couches and chair are green. What color should I paint my walls? I have an open floor plan that opens into the kitchen, which I have decorated in red, […]

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Ask Our Experts: Is HVAC Preventive Maintenance Really Worth the Money?

Much like your car or your body, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to your HVAC systems.  Read on to find out why affordable preventive maintenance programs, like those offered by Tuckey Mechanical Services, often turn out to be “worth their weight in gold”! Question for Our Experts: […]

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8 Important Fire Prevention Tips

Did you know that, on average, one house catches fire every single minute? Some of the most common household fires are a result of cooking, careless smoking, and unattended or dangerously placed candles. Fires are classified based on effective suppression agents. The suppression classes used are: ClassA– fires involving ordinary combustibles, such as wood, cloth […]

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8 Ways to Avoid Unexpected Water Damage in Your Home

While not all property loss can be prevented, some of it can be. Often, just one or two extra steps–checking a battery here, replacing a pipe there–will do the trick.  Here are a few tips when it comes to protecting your home from unwanted water damage: KITCHENS Refrigerator – If your refrigerator has an icemaker, […]

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Ask Our Experts: Do’s and Don’ts After Water Damage

Question for Our Experts: What’s the best way to address water damage emergencies (burst pipe, leaky roof, river flooding, rainwater damage, etc.)? Our Experts’ Answer: The Short Answer The steps you take immediately following a water damage incident are very important to the success of the overall restoration project. Due to the sensitive nature of […]

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Serving South Central PA Since 1968

Our roots as a service company date back to 1968. Though advances in technology continuously change the way we work, our commitment to superior service in our community remains the same. Our goal is to serve as a true “one-call contractor” for our neighbors in South Central Pennsylvania, so that when you don’t know who to call about a specialty construction or metal manufacturing need, you can start by simply calling Tuckey. We’re proud to say that you don’t have to look far to see the Tuckey Companies’ work. Central Pennsylvania feels the positive impact of our commitment to excellence across Chambersburg, Carlisle, Harrisburg, York, Lancaster, and beyond. And we’re most proud of our team’s commitment to community service organizations in these very same towns. We live, work, and serve in South Central PA – and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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At Tuckey, we’re always looking to add experienced, highly skilled technicians, tradespeople, and other professionals who bring values such as hard work, pride in craftsmanship, humility, and serving the needs of customers to the job on a daily basis. If that sounds like you, we encourage you to explore our list of current job openings. We’d love to have you on the Tuckey team!

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