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We are three companies, united by one mission: superior service.

Our roots as a service company date back to 1968. Though advances in technology continuously change the way we work, our commitment to superior service in our community remains the same.

Tuckey Mechanical Services, Inc. – We design with you in mind. Our heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems meet your specific needs. When you work with us, you receive expertise in mechanical services. We listen to your concerns and take time to explain our working methods.

Tuckey Restoration, Inc. – When disaster strikes your property, you feel overwhelmed. Fire, wind, water, mold, or storm damage destroy more than buildings, they also erode your sense of serenity. We restore both. Our emergency board up, clean up, dry out, restoration, and reconstruction services return your property to the place you knew before the catastrophe, so you can return to your life in peace. Our team’s expertise also extends to professional duct cleaning, historical preservation, and general remodeling services – we’re happy to help make your dreams a reality.

Tuckey Metal Fabricators, Inc. – Trust your fabrication work to Tuckey. In the shop, our technicians, mechanics, welders, technologists, AutoCAD operators, and CNC high definitio plasma cutting experts combine their professional skills to create fabrications meeting your unique needs. In the field, our metal mechanics and millwrights provide expert rigging, industrial maintenance, on-site welding, and millwrighting service at your location!

You don’t have to look far to see the Tuckey Companies’ work. Central Pennsylvania feels the positive impact of our commitment to excellence from State College to York, and from Chambersburg to Lancaster. Close to home or states away, our focus remains: superior service.

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Your Home Service Experts

You can trust Tuckey to deliver exceptional services in your South Central PA home. Tuckey Mechanical Services delivers cutting-edge HVAC technology for your home, helps keep the lights (and more) on when the power goes out with emergency standby generators, provides energy-efficient water heaters, and offers 24/7 emergency service to get your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems back up-and-running no matter the time of day.

Tuckey Restoration will be there in no time in the wake of a disaster to mitigate fire, water or wind damage to your home. Our team members carry water damage restoration and mold remediation certifications that give you confidence in a job properly done. And when it’s time to remodel or build an addition on your home, our experienced carpenters stand ready to serve!

Homeowners and hobbyists will appreciate Tuckey Metal Fabricators’ expertise in custom metal fabrication. We’ll help turn your back-of-the-napkin drawing into reality. Our truly unique projects include custom kitchen hoods, spiral staircases, ornamental water fountains, and custom accessories for vintage cars, boats, and motorcycles. Have an idea? Give us a call!

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Commercial Services in PA

Whether you’re a general contractor looking for a qualified partner in specialty trades, an industrial plant manager seeking an industrial maintenance provider and parts fabricator, or a local business owner searching for a reliable building service provider, the Tuckey Companies stand ready to serve. Our comprehensive and complementary set of trades-related services equip us to be a truly turn-key partner for your business. Tuckey Mechanical Services offers HVAC, plumbing, and electrical design-build services as well as bid-spec, Tuckey Metal Fabricators can fabricate components in-house to be shipped across the country or send experienced field crews to provide on-site services in the Mid-Atlantic region, and Tuckey Restoration stands ready to respond at a moment’s notice after fire, wind, water, mold, or storm damage affects your business.

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Ask Our Experts About Winter

Answers to your questions about Winter home maintenance, mechanical systems, commercial services, and more!

What to Do Before Placing a Heating-Related Service Call

Imagine it’s a cold winter morning in Pennsylvania. You wake up to a chilled house or business and make your way to the furnace. To your dismay, you find it has stopped working. Sure, you have a few space heaters to keep you and your family warm in the meantime — but what’s your next […]

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What Is a “Puff Back?”

With regular maintenance and inspections, your heating system can run smoothly all season long. But if a heating system is clogged, poorly ventilated or not functioning correctly, you may experience a messy and dangerous puff back when you start up your furnace this winter. A puff back occurs when your oil burner backfires and shoots […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Granite Countertop Selection

Question. I have black appliances and cherry cabinets and a light- to med-beige tile. I am going crazy trying to choose a granite color – can you please help? Answer. You may want to consider a lighter granite top because of the dark cabinets and dark appliances. Something to compliment the flooring could tie the room […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Appropriateness of Darker Cabinets

Question. We just recently built a new home and I chose off-white cabinets in the kitchen – and I do not like them. They are too plain and stark (mission). I really liked a stained wood, but I got talked into these. I am seriously considering changing them and also the counter and peninsula. I […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Matching Countertop to Existing Decor

Question. I want to change the kitchen countertop. I have stainless steel appliances, natural oak color cabinets, and light gray speckled floor. Should we match the new counter to the cabinets, floor, appliances, or something else? Thanks. Answer. When choosing new countertops for your kitchen, you might want to start by setting a budget. Your […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Make Cabinets Stand Out

Question. I have cherry stained cabinets with a coffee glaze along with black granite counter tops. I am looking for a good color to make the cabinets stand out. The kitchen is open to the great room, which has deep burgundy, gold, sage, and steel blue. The floors are light maple. I want the color […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Practicality of Wood Flooring in Kitchens

Question. Recent water damage has us updating a 1996 kitchen. Replacing vinyl flooring with possibly wood (we like the look/affordability of ceramic, but not its noise/hardness). What is your opinion on the practicality of wood floors in kitchens? Prefinished, engineered, etc? Cost is a factor. Existing cabinets remain (pickled oak, “pinkish”), & white appliances. We […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Best Grout Color for Ceramic Tile

Question. What is the best grout color to use with a light beige ceramic tile? Answer. You might consider a darker grout for ease of maintenance. The lighter grouts are sometimes difficult to keep clean. Without looking at your exact tile it would be hard to give you an exact color, but you may want […]

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Interior Design Q&A: What to do about “Too-Dark” Cabinetry

Question. We recently painted Grandmothers’ kitchen wedge wood blue/paper border. She has dark wood cabinets – and it is to dark for her. Help! Do we now paint the cabinets, or is there something you can put on the walls to lighten them? Answer. You may want to paint the walls a lighter color. Trying to […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Colors for Open Kitchen, Dining Room

Question. What color should I paint my kitchen and dining room? There is no break off point, so I need to paint both. I have Pergo floors in a wheat color and a green speckled counter top with a very small, narrow kitchen. I was looking at beige or a color called Tabu – a […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Decorating as First-Time Home Builder

Q.  My husband and I are building our first house. In the living room, kitchen, dining room (1 big room) we would like to decorate using warm yellows, reds, greens and orange. We will have white appliances, oak cabinets and nickel light fixtures. Will gray carpeting and a grayish/tanish linoleum work? A. Congratulations on your […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Mixing & Matching Countertops

Q. We are planning on going for “honey on cherry” cabinets and gunstock wood floors in our new home. We would like to go for granite countertops. We have a few options but haven’t been able to decide which one to go for. The reason for the confusion is that I like my kitchen to […]

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Ask Our Experts: Home Water Treatment Options – What’s Right for You?

Question for Our Experts: I was under the impression that if I have a water softener installed at my home, I’m helping to protect my appliances and keep my drinking water safe.  But my friend just told me about whole-home water filters and ultraviolet light treatment.  Are these extra layers of protection that I need?  […]

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Ask Our Experts: What is Passive Solar Heating?

Question for Our Experts: I’ve heard about residential solar energy systems that require solar panels on a home’s roof.  I hear this is often called “active solar heating.”  But what is “passive solar heating”? Our Experts’ Answer: Great question!  In short, passive solar heating is a set of building design principles that allow for the […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Matching Hardwood Floors with Wood Cabinets

Q. Should my hardwood floors match my kitchen cabinets? A. Not necessarily. Today’s trends often shy away from the “exact match” rooms and more toward a very unique look. You might consider adding different colors, tones, textures, and surfaces. Please contact us for a consultation or with additional questions. Thank you. Request Remodeling Services ****** (Picture By […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Matching Countertops to Cabinets

Q.  I have all white appliances and an oak floor in a relatively smaller kitchen.  What color countertops would look good with that? Currently, my cabinets are white, but I may change them also. A. We would first have to ask you what type of countertop material you were looking to install in your home. […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Kitchen Refresh on a Budget

Q.  I have oak cabinets in my kitchen. It is a large kitchen and the cabinets are in good shape. I cannot afford to do anything too expensive. On top of that, a full refinish (sanding, painting, etc.) will never happen (2 small kids, busy husband). Is there a product that will darken them slightly […]

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Ask Our Experts: Inconsistent Water Temperature in Shower or Tub

  Why is my water temperature inconsistent? Inadequate water heater size Competing nearby appliances Side effects of tankless water heaters A faulty valve Before we tackle solutions, let’s briefly discuss the most common causes of inconsistent water temperature. With a grasp of what causes inconsistent water temperature, you will be better prepared to address the […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Choosing the Right Color for Granite Countertops

Q.  We are considering putting granite counter tops in our kitchen. The cabinets are a golden oak and the floor is a cream color ceramic tile with light blue and pink veins running through. Because of the expense we want to be sure of the color we choose. The kitchen walls are an off white […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Matching Cabinets with Dark Appliances

Q.  I am desperately trying to decide what color cabinets to put in our “to be built” home. We have black appliances? I like the dark wood and my husband likes the light maple? Do you have a suggestion? A. If you are trying to decide between the two options mentioned above, we would start by […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Design Around Light Blue Flooring

Q.  My fiancé and I hope to arrange our bedroom before we get married but the problem is, we have light blue tiles for the flooring. This was his bedroom before. Unfortunately, this is the only spacious bedroom in the house, which we can use as our master bedroom. Our options do not include carpeting, […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Matching Furniture and Flooring

Q.  I want to decorate my living room. It has dark hardwood floors and I bought a couch (olive color) but I want some ideas for my coffee table and a chair. What are the best colors to combine with that couch and with the dark hardwood floors? Thank you!! A. Whenever you are purchasing […]

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Ask Our Experts: Pro’s and Con’s of Today’s Lighting Options

Question for Our Experts: What are the pro’s and con’s of the various lighting types available today? Our Experts’ Answer: The Short Answer Your choices can be mind-boggling, and each one has its own unique pro’s and con’s. Generally, LED lighting is an all-around good choice for consideration, as it exhibits low cost of operation […]

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Ask Our Experts: Testing Electrical Circuits in Your Home

Question for Our Experts: Should the electrical circuits at my home be tested monthly?  If so, should anything else be tested on a routine basis? Our Experts’ Answer: The Short Answer Yes, GFI outlets should be tested monthly, as their label suggests. This is an easy test that can be performed by the homeowner. Other […]

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Ask Our Experts: What is hot water radiant heating?

Question for Our Experts: What is hot water radiant heat?  How does it work, and when should I consider it for my project? Our Experts’ Answer: The Short Answer Hot water radiant heat is a type of heat distribution method that relies upon heated water being piped through tubing that lies in your home’s floors […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Mastering Interior Lighting Design

Q.  What are the best sources for mastering interior lighting design? A. You can find links to lighting and other home improvement resources at our website https://www.tuckey.com/resources.html. Generally, to achieve the most effective lighting plan, you will want to incorporate three types of lighting into the area. First, ambient lighting often provides basic background lighting. […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Match Flooring Type & Color with Cabinetry

Q.  We just bought a home with Cherry Hardwood Kitchen cabinets and granite countertops. What flooring would go with this color of cabinetry, and what type of flooring? We are thinking of travertine tile but are unsure of the correct color that would accent the cherry hardwood cabinets. A. To provide specific direction, we would […]

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Ask Our Experts: What’s Up with Electric Baseboard Heaters?

Question for Our Experts: When are electric baseboard heaters appropriate? Are they a thing of the past?  Or is it still the best option in certain situations? Our Experts’ Answer: Though rarer than in days past, baseboard electric heat is still being installed in modern homes and is sometimes even the best option under certain […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Coordinating Colors from One Floor to the Next

You want each room – and each floor – to be unique, with its own “vibe.”  Yet all this uniqueness still has to “flow” naturally from one floor to the next.  How is this accomplished?  Find out in this Q&A: Q.  Small office – 2 rooms upstairs taupe/green and library is burgundy and cream. I […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Effectively Hiding Ceiling Beams

Ceiling beams – sometimes you want to see them, and sometimes you don’t.  Here’s how to make them “disappear” without restructuring your building! Q.  I have a lot of beams in my sitting and dining area. The beams in my sitting room criss cross at almost the centre dividing the ceiling into 4 sections. As […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Opening Up a Small Kitchen

Let’s drop in on this Q&A between a customer and the Interior Design team at Tuckey Restoration to learn more: Q.  I want to update and open my very small kitchen. I was thinking about whitewashing the cabinets and removing one or two doors to create an open airy feel. The problem is the countertops […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Lighting for Beams in a Family Room

Do you have exposed ceiling beams in your family room?  What kind of lighting works well in this context?  Let’s see what kind of questions you should be asking yourself: Q.  What kind of lighting would be good on beams in a family room? A.  To best answer your question, we would have to have […]

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Interior Design Q&A: How to Make Cement Look Like Brick?

Is it possible to make cement look like brick?  Let’s find out… Q.  How [do you] paint a cement wall to look like it is brick? A.  Using faux painting to make an area appear to be brick, stone or other natural surfaces is becoming increasingly popular. You have a few options to complete the […]

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Interior Design Q&A: A Smart Move to Match Cabinets & Flooring?

Is it a smart move to try for an exact match between your cabinetry and flooring?  Well, that all depends… Q.  I just did my floors in Brazilian Cherry laminate (Pergo) and now am trying to re-do the cabinets; since the floors are dark burgundy with black (going to do absolute black granite tile on […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Matching Accent Colors to Wood Cabinetry, Wall

Wondering how to style your home around wood cabinetry or paneling?  It can be tough.  Let’s drop in on this Q&A with the team at Tuckey Restoration to learn how to get started: Q. I have wood panels and wood cabinets, need to add color or what colors match brown wood? A. We would have […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Proper Lighting for a Kitchen Island

Good lighting design can brighten your kitchen and amplify your island’s aesthetic appeal.  Learn more via this Q&A – this one’s short and sweet: Q. Can I put matching, country style chandeliers over my island stove and kitchen table (approx. 12′ apart)? A. You’d want to consider the size of the island. Generally, smaller pendant […]

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Interior Design Q&A: Match Wood Flooring with Cabinets

A home remodel is an exciting time, but often frustrating with so many decisions to make.  Tuckey Restoration’s team of expert interior designers addresses one common issue in this Q. I am trying to decide between Spalding maple spicewood flooring and Spalding maple natural wood flooring. Which one do I match with natural hickory or […]

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Quick Q&A: Comparing Traditional vs. Tankless Water Heaters

Quick Q: Say I’m considering a new water heater system for my home or office.  Should I go traditional or tankless? Is one better than the other?  What are the pros and cons of each?  When would I use a tankless versus a traditional? Quick A: You have several basic options when considering a water heater […]

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Ask Our Experts: What is a Geothermal System?

In this series, our experts address some of the most common and helpful questions that we receive from customers and community members alike.  This month’s question focuses on when a geothermal system might be a good option for you. Question for Our Experts:  It seems like all the rage today in HVAC centers on geothermal […]

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Ask Our Experts: Dealing with Humming Flourescent Lights

In this series, our experts address some of the most common and helpful questions that we receive from customers and community members alike.  This month’s question focuses on when a geothermal system might be a good option for you. Question for Our Experts: “I have a fluorescent light fixture that has begun to hum like […]

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Ask Our Experts: My Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently…is this a problem?

In this series, our experts address some of the most common and helpful questions that we receive from customers and community members alike.  This month’s question focuses on when a geothermal system might be a good option for you. Question for Our Experts: “I have a circuit breaker that has been tripping a lot more […]

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Serving South Central PA Since 1968

Our roots as a service company date back to 1968. Though advances in technology continuously change the way we work, our commitment to superior service in our community remains the same. Our goal is to serve as a true “one-call contractor” for our neighbors in South Central Pennsylvania, so that when you don’t know who to call about a specialty construction or metal manufacturing need, you can start by simply calling Tuckey. We’re proud to say that you don’t have to look far to see the Tuckey Companies’ work. Central Pennsylvania feels the positive impact of our commitment to excellence across Chambersburg, Carlisle, Harrisburg, York, Lancaster, and beyond. And we’re most proud of our team’s commitment to community service organizations in these very same towns. We live, work, and serve in South Central PA – and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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At Tuckey, we’re always looking to add experienced, highly skilled technicians, tradespeople, and other professionals who bring values such as hard work, pride in craftsmanship, humility, and serving the needs of customers to the job on a daily basis. If that sounds like you, we encourage you to explore our list of current job openings. We’d love to have you on the Tuckey team!

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