We Have the Capability to Design and Fabricate High-Quality Metal Products

Precision cutting requires highly specialized equipment. Our high-definition CNC plasma cutting system with tight tolerances ensures we can cut all types of materials efficiently and with minimal waste. With our decades of metal fabrication experience, we’re also experts at product design. With our state-of-the-art CAD product design services and equipment, we can develop and create functional products that meet the needs of a wide variety of industries.

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Tell Us About Your Customization Requirements

Perhaps you need an “outside the box” metal product to solve a unique manufacturing problem for your company. Or, you might have your own design you need help bringing to life. Our in-house design services include working with our customers’ concepts — just provide us with your product idea, and we can nest the design onto sheet metal using our high-definition CNC plasma cutting machinery. The efficiency and tight tolerances of our equipment ensure the most-cost-effective design and production process.

We Can Cut Thick and Thin Materials Alike

Another benefit of plasma cutting is that it can handle thicker and thinner metals with equal ease. Because plasma cutters generate an extremely hot core, they’re particularly well-suited for cutting various types and thickness of material into “unusual” shapes, which is ideal for our customers who require customized metal products. What’s more, precision CNC plasma cutting is perfect for meeting the challenges of OEM manufacturing projects.

Why Choose Tuckey Metal Fabricators as Your Precision Cutting Services Provider?

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Since 1978, Tuckey Metal Fabricators has been a leader in the South Central PA region when it comes to custom metal fabrication. Along with our unparalleled CNC plasma cutting solutions, we’re known for our fast project turnaround times and our superior customer service: We’re not happy until you’re satisfied with the results!

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