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Are you worried about mold growth in your PA-based business? That’s where the experts at Tuckey Restoration come in. Our team consists of Certified Mold Remediation Specialists and professional clean-up technicians with years of experience in the industry.


Why does mold grow?

  • Where there’s moisture infiltration, dust (which can naturally contain mold spores), a source of food such as dust mites, and a substrate or material capable of sustaining growth, the “perfect storm” for mold contamination may be brewing. Read more about how and when mold grows in buildings!

What are the prerequisites for mold growth to occur, and can I control them in such a way as to prevent mold from appearing?

  • In short, there are five primary requirements for mold growth: moisture, a food or nutrient source, the proper temperature, a starter spore, and time.  When all five of these elements are present in a home, office, or other building, you’ve got the “perfect storm” brewing for mold growth! Of these five elements, moisture is the most controllable aspect.  Thus, it’s important to maintain an office building with appropriate levels of humidity throughout the year. Additionally, it’s critical to immediately address any water damage that might occur at your office – don’t let that leaky roof or damp basement stay that way for long!

What do I do if I find mold in my office?

  • Don’t mess with mold. If in doubt, call a professional mold remediation expert, like those at Tuckey Restoration. And if you’re not currently dealing with mold in your home or office, be sure to avoid the “perfect storm” for mold growth by controlling the five prerequisites for mold growth – especially moisture.

What is mold remediation?

  • The goal of mold remediation is to remove and/or clean all contaminated materials in a way that prevents any emission of mold and dust from leaving the work area and entering an occupied area.

Comprehensive Mold Inspections


Contact us to arrange for a certified PA mold inspector to come to your office. If mold growth is found after performing a thorough assessment, Tuckey Restoration, Inc. will implement the simplest and most expedient remediation methods that properly and safely remove fungal growth from identified areas. In all situations, first and foremost, the underlying cause of water or moisture infiltration must be identified and rectified to prevent the fungal growth from recurring.

We Adhere to Best Practices for Mold Remediation in PA

To minimize and/or eliminate any potential health hazards to current or future occupants of an office building, all water-damaged and mold-contaminated materials should be properly discarded and the remaining building materials sanitized. The remediation efforts performed by Tuckey Restoration, Inc. are always consistent with current guidelines, and a prompt removal of contaminated material and infrastructure repair is the primary response to mold contamination in structures.

The Goal of Our Mold Remediation Process

FEMA Warns Against Mold IssuesThe ultimate goal of the remediation process is to remove and/or clean all contaminated materials in a way that prevents any emission of mold and dust from leaving the work area and entering an occupied area, while protecting the health of workers performing the remediation. We adhere to these stringent guidelines for mold cleaning in PA.

Put Your Mind at Ease

Mold contamination may sound somewhat daunting. But it doesn’t have to be with the Tuckey team by your side! We’ll provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve effectively addressed mold in your office building and the danger it poses to your family and property.

Don’t let mold become a problem in your office building. Call us today at (717) 249-7052 if you suspect that the “perfect storm” is brewing. To make an online service inquiry, please submit our convenient contact form.

Professional mold cleaning and remediation services.

If you have a large mold issue and need mold removal ASAP, the professionals at Tuckey Restoration stand ready to serve. Contact us 24/7/365.

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