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Your home relies on a lot of power — investing in an emergency generator is an important preparedness measure. Don’t risk losing anything when the power goes out.

South Central PA residents, from Lititz to Harrisburg and Carlisle to Chambersburg have come to trust Tuckey Mechanical Services as the area’s experts in emergency whole-home generators. You’ve trusted us with your electrical service since 1968 — who better, then, to provide an emergency generator installation for your home?

We offer dozens of generators from leading manufacturers that are available for home use. We also supply accessories including fuel tanks and hoses, and we can design and install a complete backup power generation system for your home.

Whether in downtown Harrisburg or out in the country, smart homeowners know the importance of having a backup power generation system at their disposal. Contact Tuckey Mechanical Services today and let us provide an emergency generator that will meet your power needs in times of crisis.

We Service and Install All Our Products

An emergency generator is useless if it’s not properly maintained. As with any product that is only used in the event of emergencies, generators require regular service to ensure they will be available when you need them.

At Tuckey Mechanical Services, we offer preventive maintenance plans for all equipment we sell. Regular inspection and load banking of your generator can ensure it will function when necessary. Regardless of whether or not we supplied your generator, sign up for a maintenance plan today!

Prevention is Better Than the Panic for a Fast Cure

Dealing with the stress of finding a quick solution to a serious issue is never a good experience for a homeowner. Investing in a backup power generation system will mend your worries about losing power throughout life’s unexpected events.

Whole Home Standby Emergency Generators Throughout Central PA

Wherever you are in the South Central PA area, Tuckey Mechanical Services has the emergency generator installation for you! Contact us today for more info!


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