What Is a Whole Home Emergency Standby Generator?

Whole home standby generators provide backup power in case a utility power outage occurs. These installations have an automatic source of power that turns on to keep your family comfortable. Unlike portable generators, whole home emergency standby generators are available at a moment’s notice with no setup or configuration by the homeowner required! Tuckey Mechanical Services handles residential standby generators that run on natural gas or propane based on your setup.

Why Are Residential Generators Important?

Without a standby generator, homeowners have limited options to restore power. Property owners will often wait hours, weeks or days until an electrical company resolves a residential power outage.

Standby generators help you return to your daily routine with fewer interruptions. From indoor lighting and heating to entertainment systems, you can regain control of your household within moments of a severe storm passing through. Whole home generators are the most proactive way to prevent a blackout, as your installation keeps you prepared for weather surprises year-round.

Residential standby generators are there for you the moment something happens to your power lines, giving you an uninterrupted source of power for as long as you need. Tuckey Mechanical Services provides and installs products that are strong enough to power your entire home.

Advantages of Residential Generators

When you get a residential generator from Tuckey Mechanical Services, you can:

  • Continue to use computers and other technology during an outage.
  • Maintain power to critical medical equipment that you or your loved ones may rely upon.
  • Protect your home from overloaded circuits and surges once power returns.
  • Limit the waste of food products with power for refrigerators and freezers.
  • Keep your heating and cooling systems running, avoiding potentially unsafe heat or cold indoors during extreme weather.
  • Boost the value of your home with a permanent energy solution.

Types of Home Generator Products From Tuckey Mechanical Services

Tuckey Mechanical Services has multiple standby generators available for customers in the Carlisle, Pennsylvania area. Our experts install industry-leading solutions from Eaton to help you save money without sacrificing quality. Learn more about available product options for your residential space below, or check out related electrical services our team can provide.

Residential Electrical Services Whole Home Surge Protection Solutions

Eaton Home Standby Generators

Tuckey Mechanical Services allows you to choose from several Eaton home generator models — EGENA9, EGENA11, EGENA16 and EGENA22, and more. Each generator provides a unique output of power for your applications.

The home generators we install come with user-friendly controllers so you don’t have to troubleshoot in an emergency. Additionally, all generator models are equipped with an electronic governor for maintaining consistent performance. Outer aluminum housing protects each home generator from environmental elements.

Manual Transfer Switch Panels

We can install transfer switch panels close to the generator assembly. These devices determine which circuits power on during a shortage. We work with homeowners to determine which circuits are the priority during an emergency. Critical circuits may include those for a refrigerator, home furnace or lighting installations. Transfer switch panels make it simple to manually shift from utility power to generator power.

Automatic Transfer Switches

Automatic transfer switches rely on generator signals to deliver the correct amount of power to home circuits. You can control large power loads effectively without adjusting the settings yourself. Automatic transfer switches are appropriate for homeowners that want backup power to activate immediately when an outage is detected.

Tuckey’s Approach to Emergency Solutions

Tuckey Mechanical Services will develop a tailored plan for your home in the South Central Pennsylvania region. Our professionals recognize that all families have distinct needs for power, so we’ll learn more about your routine to design a whole home generator setup appropriate for you. Maybe several members of your family work from home or you need consistent power to complete college assignments. No matter your power requirements, we install standby generators so that you won’t miss a beat.

Other service providers assume they know the right solution for your home setup. We design electrical systems based on your expectations and budget to go above and beyond for our Carlisle, Pennsylvania, customers. There are zero surprises when you choose Tuckey Mechanical Services for standby generators. Our experts are transparent about generator pricing, and we use our years of field experience to complete your electrical project.

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