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Our preventive maintenance programs for homeowners in Pennsylvania are the best way to ensure the reliability of your heating and cooling systems at reasonable cost. After you sign up, a trained technician will come to your home during the designated season to check and maintain your equipment. As a preventive maintenance customer, you will receive many benefits, including:

  • Priority service dispatching throughout South Central PA
  • Exclusive parts pricing
  • Advance notice of seasonal specials

By investing in a preventive maintenance program, you save money over time. When you pay for this service, you need to keep the bottom line in mind. Check out the infographic below:

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Making Your Equipment Last: How Long can Preventive Maintenance Extend the Life of Your HVAC?

preventative maintenance
Regular preventive maintenance adds to your equipment’s life expectancy. Instead of addressing a problem when it occurs, a preventive maintenance program reduces the chance of it happening at all. That means your equipment goes through less wear and tear and works at peak efficiency. A proactive approach to equipment servicing lets you avoid the costs of frequent replacements.

Depending upon your equipment, we will tailor a program to suit your needs:

Equipment Performed in the Spring Performed in the Fall
Air Conditioners Yes
Heat Pumps Yes Yes
Gas Hot Water Boilers Yes
Gas Steam Boilers Yes
Gas Hot Air Furnaces Yes
Oil Hot Water Boilers Yes
Oil Steam Boilers Yes
Oil Hot Air Furnaces Yes
Emergency Standby Generators Yes Yes

We cannot overstate the importance of preventive maintenance. It helps your system run at peak efficiency and reduces the risk of expensive emergency breakdowns. While we proudly offer emergency services, you want to minimize how often breakdowns occur to avoid the stress and cost.

NATE certified techniciansIn addition to standard HVAC maintenance programs, the Tuckey Companies offer comprehensive home maintenance solutions. We take the worry and hassle out of property ownership by customizing a maintenance plan for your home. Your plan may include gutter and spout cleaning, duct cleaning, and general maintenance, along with our HVAC, plumbing, electrical, restoration and remodeling services. We are proud to boast a team of NATE certified technicans on staff who are equipped with the knowledge and technical skills to install, service, and inspect the most sophisticated heating, cooling, and ventilation systems on the market.

Programs You Can Trust

A Tuckey Preventive Maintenance Program is a smart choice for your household. You get to count on the proven expertise and reliable experience of South Central PA’s most trusted name in mechanical, restoration and remodeling services. We provide preventive maintenance services to homeowners throughout South Central PA, serving cities including Chambersburg, Carlisle and Harrisburg, PA.

To sign up for the Tuckey Preventive Maintenance Program, please fill out our online contact form or call our office at (717) 249-1535. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have or provide you with pricing and other information. Once the Preventive Maintenance agreement is signed, we will contact you throughout the year to schedule the services you request. South Central Pennsylvania residents, sign up today!

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    Frequently Asked Customer Questions:


    The main aspects you should consider when choosing an HVAC system for your home are fuel type (natural gas, oil, electric or liquid propane), hybrid HVAC system options and whether or not you would like to use a heat pump. Pricing, size and delivery options will most likely play a role in your final decision as well. For more information on our professional recommendations for HVAC systems, you can contact our experts or learn more at our blog here


    The general time you can expect for an HVAC system installation is 2 – 7 days. If you only need to replace equipment in an existing HVAC system this should take between 2 and 3 days, whereas if you need to install components for an entire system this will take up to a week for professionals to complete. 

    This process will usually include a meeting to discuss the project timeline, then the project will be started by a project manager. Installers should update the homeowner daily to report on the progress then after it is completed the systems will be reviewed with the homeowner.    

    Timelines and processes will be similar for HVAC repairs and maintenance, and for a more specific time for either project you can reach out to our experts here at Tuckey!     

    Preventive maintenance for your HVAC and plumbing systems will increase your home’s energy efficiency, reduce the chance of breakdowns, and save you money in the long run on electricity and/or fuel costs.  Additionally, Tuckey’s Preventive Maintenance Program provides benefits such as reduced service fees on any required repair calls throughout the year, potential discounts on parts or new equipment purchases, and priority scheduling for emergency service calls. This said preventive maintenance is definitely worth it for homeowners. 

    With Tuckey’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) preventive maintenance plans you can rest assured that we have you covered. Contact our expert team to learn more about our preventive maintenance plans!

    Yearly routine maintenance for your HVAC system is essential for keeping your HVAC equipment in its ideal operating condition. Consistent and routine preventive maintenance also minimizes the risk of a costly breakdown and the need for emergency repairs. Tuckey Mechanical Services offers comprehensive and customized preventive maintenance plans for any HVAC system your home or business may use. Contact our experts for more information! 


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