Amazon Alexa-Compatible Thermostats

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The Amazon Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant that includes voice interaction capabilities. Alexa can interact with various home automation devices, allowing users to operate them by issuing vocal commands. Tuckey Mechanical Services, Inc. offers several Alexa-compatible thermostats that enable you to take full advantage of this groundbreaking technology in your home.

Bryant Housewise: Amazon Alexa-Compatible Thermostats

Bryant Housewise thermostats will make your home heating and cooling system smarter by combining maximum convenience with substantial energy savings. Now compatible with Alexa-enabled devices including Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap and Echo Dot, you can control your Housewise thermostat by issuing basic voice commands like, "Alexa, set my Bryant Housewise thermostat to 72 degrees," or "Alexa, lower the Bryant Housewise thermostat by three degrees." You will also be able to create specific Alexa groups such as "Living Room" or "Upstairs" and add a thermostat for each group, which enables you to establish separate heating/cooling zones within your home.

Honeywell: Amazon Alexa-Compatible Thermostats

Alexa also works with Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostats to bring the power and convenience of voice activation to home heating and cooling. Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart thermostats are loaded with user-friendly features such as a customizable touch screen that simplifies operation. You can also change the screen's background color to complement your home's decor. Use Alexa to issue voice commands to your Honeywell Wi-Fi Stat to set, raise and lower temperatures so you can maintain the ideal comfort levels throughout your home.

The Honeywell Lyric line of Alexa-compatible thermostats will seamlessly fit any lifestyle, enabling you to control your home's temperature even when you're away. The Lyric family includes the T5 and T6, as well as the Lyric Round, the second generation of Lyric thermostats that offer enhanced convenience, ease of use and energy-saving capabilities.

About Tuckey Mechanical Services

Tuckey Mechanical Services is one of the few HVAC service providers in our operating territory that can offer complete support for Wi-Fi thermostats that also include voice activation capabilities. We'll perform a fast, professional installation and prompt repair service when needed.

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*NOTE: Thermostat model compatibility mentioned on this page are accurate as of the date of publication and provided as a sample reference only. The list of compatible devices changes frequently. Be sure to confirm the specifics of your device compatibility requirements with your sales advisor before placing an order.

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