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Ask Our Experts: How does the restoration insurance claim process work?


Insurance claims are a hassle.  Paperwork, deadlines, checks – let alone the work that goes into restoring your home after fire, wind, water, or storm damage.  Here’s a roadmap from the team at Tuckey Restoration that sheds some light on

8 Important Fire Prevention Tips

Home fires are devastating. Be sure you know how to prepare and prevent to the best of your ability.

Did you know that, on average, one house catches fire every single minute?

Some of the most common household fires are …

Interior Design Q&A: How Appliance Colors & Window Treatments Affect Your Kitchen

Your dishwasher, fridge, oven, stove, and microwave make a big difference to your kitchen’s decor!

Harvest gold?  Summer breeze?  We might not be dealing with these colors anymore, but your appliance decision should take into consideration the unit’s color and …

Ask Our Experts: How a Typical Remodeling Project Works

Remodeling: a good roadmap and understanding of the process makes a world of difference.

Remodeling projects often devolve into frustrating experiences for contractor and customer alike.  But a good roadmap, understanding of the process, and continual communication make all the

Interior Design Q&A: Modernizing Carpet / Walls on a Schedule

No more 70’s shag carpet!

No more 70’s carpet and 90’s wallpaper!  Drop in on this Q&A between a homeowner and Tuckey team member for insight on modernizing your home:


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