How a Kitchen Hood Works

Cooking generates smoke, grease and lingering smells in the air. Kitchen hoods help keep the air free of pollution that would otherwise build up on your cabinets and walls. These appliances fall under two types:

  • Vented kitchen hood: A vented kitchen hood is a ducted system that pulls smoke, heat and moisture from the cooking area and disperses it outside.
  • Unvented kitchen hood: An unvented kitchen hood uses a fan to catch particles as they float through the air.

Custom Metal Kitchen Range Hoods

Tuckey Metal Fabricators can produce a range of custom kitchen hoods based on your material and design preferences. Some commercial kitchen hood styles (in general) include the following.  We may be able to help with one or more types for your project.

  • Eyebrow hood: Installs above an existing cooktop or range for kitchens with minimal space available
  • Back shelf: Includes a grease exhaust system, energy-saving capabilities and low proximity requirements for counter-height equipment
  • Wall-mounted canopy hood: Mounts directly to the wall at the top of the stove or cook surface to remove cooking odors, steam, grease and smoke by working in tandem with other ventilation systems
  • Single island canopy hood: Installs above a single cooking line to keep larger kitchens fresh
  • Double island canopy hood: Allows ceiling installation over back-to-back cooking lines to resolve space issues in areas without accessible wall mounting
  • Passover hood: Offers a low hanging requirement and works well as plate shelving or concession stand equipment

You can also explore other decorative features such as trims, textures, rivets and bands or request a pot rack so your hood can better serve your space. Whether the shape of your desired range hood starts with straight lines or graceful curves, we can tweak the finished product and deliver a handcrafted look with professional performance.

Types of Commercial Kitchen Hoods

When searching for a commercial kitchen hood, it’s essential to understand the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 variants:

  • Type 1 kitchen hood: Type 1 hoods help vent the output from grease- and smoke-producing equipment such as deep fryers or griddles. These hoods have filters to capture grease and smoke particles and feature a fire prevention system.
  • Type 2 kitchen hood: Designed for heat- and steam-producing equipment like dishwashers or ovens, these exhaust-only hoods help remove heat, odor and moisture from your environment.

Garage / Shop Hoods

Have a small workshop or work area in your garage?  Hoods are used in manufacturing facilities all over the world to remove harmful pollutants and dust caused by industrial processes form the shop floor.  At home, these issues can still arise from common hobbies like vehicle maintenance, woodworking, painting, and more.  A hood built and installed by Tuckey Metal Fabricators could be just what you need to make sure that you and your loved ones are enjoying your favorite hobbies in the cleanest and healthiest environment possible.

Choosing the Right Hood System

A hood system is a complicated piece of equipment that you’ll want to evaluate carefully before buying. Our team of experts here at Tuckey Metal Fabricators will work with you every step of the way in designing a custom kitchen or workshop hood, assisting you with:

  • Choosing materials
  • Determining size and mounting height
  • Installing your custom commercial hood

Begin Your Custom Hood Fabrication Today

If your kitchen or workshop feels a little lackluster, it’s time to bring it back to life and make it better than ever.

Many South Central Pennsylvania homeowners and business owners have relied on our experts to design and craft a breathtaking centerpiece to their cooking and workshop spaces. Bring life back to your kitchen or shop by contacting our team for additional information today!

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