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Your home may be your biggest investment and your most prized possession. But it’s so much more than just the four-walled structure that provides a roof over your head and shelter from the storm. Your home is the place where traditions are born, where memories are made, and where family and friends come together to celebrate the fine art of living.

The Right PA Restoration Company Can Transform Your Home into a Castle

Regardless of whether it’s old or new, large or small, extravagant or modest, your home is truly your castle! But sometimes your home may not quite live up to its castle-like status. And that’s where Tuckey Restoration, Inc. comes in. We’re the experts in Carlisle and the Central PA region at home remodeling, renovations, additions and restoration. We’re an experienced Carlisle, PA restoration company that can provide you with the beautiful home of your dreams.

We’ll Provide Extra Living Space

Maybe your home isn’t quite big enough to accommodate the ever-increasing size of your growing brood. Why not gain some extra space with a room addition, increase your living area with a sun-splashed patio or deck, or transform a dark, dingy basement into a cozy haven for all sorts of family fun? We know how to maximize every available inch of space on your property.

Bring Your Kitchen into the 21st Century

In the modern home, the kitchen is often the center of activity. It’s where meals are prepared and consumed, guests are entertained and family discussions take place. Does your kitchen look and function as if it came straight from the set of a 1960’s sit-com?  Are you growing weary of harvest gold and peeling linoleum? Allow Tuckey Restoration to assist you in transforming your outdated kitchen into the highly-functioning and modern culinary hub of your dreams!

Complete Damage Repair and Restoration Services

Has fire, water, or storm damage turned your home into a house of horrors? Fortunately, Tuckey Restoration and the Tuckey Companies are ready for your call with 24-hour live, local restoration service in South Central Pennsylvania. Offering complete clean up, pack up, board up and home restoration services, we’re ready to get you back on your feet as soon as possible after disaster strikes.

One of the Few Restoration Companies in PA That Truly Have You Covered

While many restoration companies in PA claim to be able to do it all, few can actually deliver what they promise. From home remodeling, renovation, additions and restoration, when we say “we’ve got you covered,” we really mean it!

Give Tuckey Restoration a call today at (717) 249-3733, or contact us online by submitting our convenient contact form.

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