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Interior Design Q&A: Picking the Right Color Carpet for Your Room

Decisions, decisions…

Carpet can make or break a room.  Some considerations to make as you decide…

 Q. I have a bedroom that is painted glad yellow by Sherwin Williams (R). The room is 8 x 11.  What would be a

Interior Design Q&A: Proper Lighting for a Kitchen Island

Good lighting design can brighten your kitchen and amplify an island’s aesthetic appeal.

Good lighting design can brighten your kitchen and amplify your island’s aesthetic appeal.  Learn more via this Q&A – this one’s short and sweet:

Q. Can I

Interior Design Q&A: Styling a New Home

Styling a new home is daunting but do-able!

Daunting but do-able, styling a new home can be one of the most exciting times in a homeowner’s life!  Let’s drop in on this Q&A between a new homeowner and Tuckey’s Interior …

Ask Our Experts: Is HVAC Preventive Maintenance Really Worth the Money?

Much like your car or your body, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to your HVAC systems.  Read on to find out why affordable preventive maintenance programs, like those offered by Tuckey Mechanical …

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