Interior Design Q&A: Picking the Right Color Carpet for Your Room

Decisions, decisions…

Carpet can make or break a room.  Some considerations to make as you decide…

 Q. I have a bedroom that is painted glad yellow by Sherwin Williams (R). The room is 8 x 11.  What would be a good color for carpeting?  The furniture is a distressed whitewashed finish. The carpeting in the hall outside the room is blue.

A. When choosing carpeting, you’ll want to consider a few questions before you begin, including who will be using the bedroom most often? For example, if it is a child’s room, you may want to go with carpeting that is darker or with a patter so that it will hide the dirt. If it is a guest bedroom or extra room that does not get used frequently, you may be able to go with lighter colored carpeting. Assuming that you are referring to wall-to-wall carpeting, you may want to consider a neutral color so that you have the freedom of changing the wall color and other decor down the road. A lighter color can make the room appear larger, however you’ll want to be cautious of carpeting that is too light, as it tends to show more dirt. Please contact us with any additional questions or to schedule a consultation. Good luck with your project.


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