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Interior Design Q&A: Stainless & Wrought Iron Together?

Does stainless steel go with wrought iron?

Here’s quick-and-easy Q&A – hopefully helpful to many!

Q. I am going with stainless appliances in my kitchen. Is it important to match with stainless hardware, sink fixtures as well as my chandelier

Interior Design Q&A: Color Scheme for Open Living Spaces

You can do so much with an open living space!


So much space – what to do with it?

Q. I just moved into a new home. I bought brand new furniture for my living room. Couches and chair

Interior Design Q&A: Styling a Small Condo

You just purchased your dream condo (or perhaps a stepping-stone version of the same) – now how do you make it inviting and livable?

Condos are often sterile and bland – what about yours?

Q. I just bought a condo.

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