Interior Design Q&A: Color Scheme for Open Living Spaces

You can do so much with an open living space!


So much space – what to do with it?

Q. I just moved into a new home. I bought brand new furniture for my living room. Couches and chair are green. What color should I paint my walls? I have an open floor plan that opens into the kitchen, which I have decorated in red, blue, green, and yellow.

A. Being that you have an open floor plan, one option could be to use a variation of one of your kitchen colors. It seems that you have a lot of color already in the area so you might be weary of introducing another one. Another option could be to paint an accent or focus wall in the living room only (for something different). Do not forget to take the living room flooring into consideration, as well. Depending on the shade of green you have in your furniture (and the kitchen) you may want to choose a complimentary shade of red. Red and green work wonderfully together if used in the right shades. Always remember to choose a lighter shade than what you are first attracted to and to bring the sample home to view it in the light of the room. Colors will appear different in all forms of light and all times of the day. Contact us for any of your decorating needs. Thank you for the question and good luck.


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