Interior Design Q&A: Paint Selection for Small Bedrooms

October 5, 2015

Q.  Should I paint all four walls in a small bedroom (12 x 12) the same dark color – or should I only paint a wall or two? A. In…

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Ask Our Experts: When to Consider an Additional HVAC System for Your Home

October 1, 2015

Question for Our Experts When do I need an additional HVAC system for my home? Our Experts Answer The Short Answer You may need an additional HVAC system for your…

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Interior Design Q&A: Redecorating a Quaint Cottage

September 13, 2015

Q.  We are planning to redecorate our cottage. The walls are a combination of clear cedar and gyprock. We are installing a Jatoba Cherry engineered wood floor. We are planning…

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Interior Design Q&A: Kitchen Refresh on a Budget

August 21, 2015

Q.  I have oak cabinets in my kitchen. It is a large kitchen and the cabinets are in good shape. I cannot afford to do anything too expensive. On top…

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Interior Design Q&A: Matching Tile & Wall Color with Stainless Steel

August 3, 2015

Q.  My husband and I have recently brought a house. We cannot decide on our kitchen. We have white cabinets with silver hardware. We are purchasing stainless steel appliances. We…

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Ask Our Experts: About HVAC Filters

July 23, 2015

Question for Our Experts: How often should I change my HVAC filters – and are washable filters better than regular ones? Our Experts’ Answer: This question begs some related questions…

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