Interior Design Q&A: Arctic Look for Summer Home

January 4, 2015 | 6:36 pm
Considering an arctic look for your summer home? Think again!
Considering an arctic look for your summer home? Think again!


My house was built in 1960. It is a ranch, Floridian styled with a hip roof. Inside it’s an open floor plan, it is colorful, honeydew melon walls on dining room and den and eggshell in large living room and all white kitchen and beige bedroom. I am getting my powder room/bathroom completely redone. I was going to go with the “Floridian theme” that is in my house already but I’ve seen on TV a documentary called “Ice Hotel” and fell in love with ice blue color and feel like that would really look spectacular as a bathroom theme. Icy looking frost door, ice blue colored walls, arctic white shower, toilet and a clear glass wall mount sink. My question is: do you think that going arctic would look weird when the rest of my home is so summer-like with palm trees? Originally I was going to do my bathroom/powder room aquamarine colors of a swimming pool. Any help in this matter is appreciated. Thanks!


If you go with the theme you suggest you might consider trying to tie in something from the rest of the home to keep your powder room consistent. Eclectic decorating is a very popular style and there is never anything wrong with allowing your personality to be reflected in your decorating. However, you may not want one room looking particularly out of place. You might slightly adjust your ideas to make them a bit more complimentary to the entire home. You seem to have a lot of color in your home, so the “ice blue” probably will not be a concern. You might also include beach-themed hand towels or a sisal throw rug to tone down the “ice hotel” theme, if that is a concern. In any case, be creative – have fun – and do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. Good luck!


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