Interior Design Q&A: Brightening Up Dark Spaces

October 18, 2015 | 6:27 pm
Does your den need a little brightening-up?
Does your den need a little brightening-up?

Q.  We purchased a new home with terra cotta floors and wood paneling.  We’re not planning any major renovations at this point, so we’re stuck with the darkness of the room. I want to add some color to this room. This room flows into the kitchen, which has dark cabinets. What color can I use to brighten up the den, and what color can I paint the kitchen that will compliment the den?

A. You might want to start by considering any patterns or colors that are already present in these two rooms. Do you have furniture in the den? What is the color of the countertop in the kitchen? What pattern or colors are on your dishes or window treatments? Have you considered painting the paneling? It is amazing what a little bit of paint could do. In order to brighten up a space, you may want to consider a warm, light color. Perhaps a butter yellow or pumpkin orange. We would have to get more information or see your space in order to give you an ideal assessment. For more detailed information or to schedule our first-time complimentary consultation, call Tuckey Restoration or email


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