Interior Design Q&A: Brightening Up Dull Brick

July 6, 2015 | 6:37 pm
Looking to brighten up a dull brick facade?
Looking to brighten up a dull brick facade?

Q.  My fireplace is brick (house 27 yrs old); the brick is dull, and I want to brighten it up. I have cleaned the brick and it is not dull. Please help!

A. You have many options available to you depending on your budget. Painting the brick would always be the least expensive. Other options would be tiling, Venetian plaster, slate, granite, or even marble. If you are just looking to clean your brick you might try mixing one ounce of soap and one ounce of table salt with enough water to make a cream. Rub this mixture onto the brick surface and allow to dry for about ten minutes. After cream is dry remove with a stiff brush. Results may vary depending on the condition the brick is in. For more ideas on how to achieve these looks contact Tuckey Restoration or email


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