Interior Design Q&A: Choosing the Right Color for Granite Countertops

May 17, 2015 | 7:28 pm
Granite counter tops can look sharp - but how do you choose the right color?
Granite counter tops can look sharp – but how do you choose the right color?

Q.  We are considering putting granite counter tops in our kitchen. The cabinets are a golden oak and the floor is a cream color ceramic tile with light blue and pink veins running through. Because of the expense we want to be sure of the color we choose. The kitchen walls are an off white with a pinkie taupe undertone. We would like to have the wall tiles under the cabinets the same as the counter tops. The kitchen is a small area in an open floor plan. I really appreciate more spacious looks. The granite colors we are considering are sapphire blue (black with grey/blue and tan spots) and blue pearl (basically black with silver and blue marks). My concern is that they may make the area look even smaller. Any suggestions?

A. Granite is always a wonderful option for a countertop material because of its natural beauty and durability. Because each individual piece of granite varies from one another, it would be difficult for me to direct you on which one to choose without actually seeing the piece of granite. With all of the light colors already in your kitchen, a darker granite top could help to “ground” the area and add some visual interest. As long as you are consistent, the darker countertop should not make the space appear smaller. Generally, you should use one consistent countertop color and material. If you use a different color or material on the island or different countertop area it may make the space look broken and, in turn, smaller. When you decide on your granite color, the distributor should allow you to look at the actual slab of granite when it comes in, PRIOR TO INSTALLATION. Since each piece is a bit different, you will want to approve the actual piece to be installed in your kitchen. Please contact us for further assistance at 717-249-7052 or Good luck!
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