Interior Design Q&A: Flooring Selection to Complement White Furniture

April 18, 2016 | 7:54 am
Floor selection can be tough if you already have a mix of existing wood species in your home.
Floor selection can be tough if you already have a mix of existing wood species in your home.

Q.  I am purchasing a home with an open floor plan: living room, dining room, family room merges with open kitchen. I plan to re-do the floors in solid hardwood and paint the walls a neutral color. My question is: with an entertainment center in a bleached oak and white kitchen cabinets, what is the best shade of wood floors to compliment these pieces? Also, I have an 8-foot brown leather couch to put in the living room, a glass top dining room table with parsons chairs and a lot of windows. Thanks!

A.  From the information you have provided, it is difficult to suggest specific flooring. We would have to consider the “look” or “feel” you are trying to achieve in your home. The lighter woods tend to be more contemporary, light, and modern. The darker woods are generally more traditional and warm. For something different, you may want to consider installing the wood on an angle to draw the eye across the room. You might begin by asking your installer for a sample piece (already stained) of the wood flooring for you to consider prior to the start of the project. Try the sample piece in different areas and view it in all times of the day, so that you take advantage of the different light sources. Please contact us for additional information. Thank you.


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