Interior Design Q&A: Design Around Light Blue Flooring

April 6, 2015 | 6:54 pm
So exactly what kind of wall paint would go with light blue flooring?
So exactly what kind of wall paint would go with light blue flooring?

Q.  My fiancé and I hope to arrange our bedroom before we get married but the problem is, we have light blue tiles for the flooring. This was his bedroom before. Unfortunately, this is the only spacious bedroom in the house, which we can use as our master bedroom. Our options do not include carpeting, vinyl or linoleum. What do you think would be the best wall color that will match our existing light blue flooring? I appreciate any of your ideas. Thanks!

A. You have a few different options you may want to consider. If you do not like the look of the blue tile flooring, you could find an area rug to cover and hide a large section of the floor. An inexpensive way to create a large area rug is to buy a floor carpet of your choice and have the carpet store bind the ends for you. This way you can create a custom rug in any size and color you wish. Another option would be to create a monochromatic theme in your bedroom. If you already have a blue floor, choose another shade of blue for the walls, another for the bedding, etc. Tie all of the blues together by using a throw pillow for the bed in each shade. Please contact us for more details – thank you for the question!


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