Interior Design Q&A: Matching Room Colors in a Finished Basement

August 17, 2014 | 6:17 pm
Matching room colors for a finished basement – it can be harder than it looks!

Everybody loves a finished basement. Top it off just right with a properly-matched color scheme!


I have grey carpet in my basement with grey walls. My furniture is red and my tables are glass top with black lacquer shelves underneath. I put black and mustard yellow throw pillows on furniture. On the walls, I have pictures pulling in the mustard yellow. My question is I’m thinking of changing the color of the walls to mustard yellow but I am not sure how that will look up against the grey carpet. Or, perhaps doing an accent wall with the mustard yellow leaving the other three walls grey but the same question still remains. Can you help me out with this???? Your time is much appreciated.


You might be concerned with the mustard walls against three grey walls more so than the mustard walls against the grey carpet. If you are going to go with the mustard walls and find that you do not like them against the carpet, an option could be to purchase an area rug for the space that compliments the walls and the furniture. Also, if you go with the mustard walls, the grey carpet should work well to “ground” the room. (Noting your concern that the carpet will unfavorably “stand out,” if you do not have any other grey in the room the carpet should not “stand out” as much). If are unable to find a large area rug that you enjoy or fits your budget, you might consider trying a few smaller throw rugs to add interest. Thank you and good luck. Should you need further assistance, please contact Tuckey Restoration at 717-249-7052.


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