Interior Design Q&A: Complementing Off White and Light Green

What colors go with off white and light green in a living room?

What colors go with off white walls and light green curtains in a living room?  Let’s see……

Q.  I have a living room with light off white walls and light green curtains. What should I use as a complementary color. I was thinking of something in a shade of burgundy or rust. I need help.

A. Because green and red are complimentary colors, varying shades of them often work wonderfully together. It may work well to go with the rust or terra cotta color (depending on the shade of green). One-way to “test run” the colors you want to use before actually purchasing them is to view them in a virtual room. Many of the home centers or paint company websites ( allow you to view their paint samples in a “virtual room” before purchasing them. For more direction or help with these and other online services, please contact us.


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