Interior Design Q&A: Home Exterior Façade & Color

June 20, 2016 | 5:04 pm

Q.  The lower two-thirds of the front of my house is beige brick.  The top third is white siding.  There are three white columns along the front porch.  The shutters, which are on the white siding, are presently a rusty brown color – which I like.  I’m thinking about changing the front double doors.  They are presently the same color as the shutters.  I’m torn about keeping them the same color, changing them to wood doors, or painting them white.  I feel that the color they are adds nothing to the “curb appeal.”  I will welcome any suggestions and thank you so much in advance for your help!

A. You may want to consider painting the brick white and leaving the shutters and doors the rusty brown that you like so much. The rusty brown might really “pop” out against the white. If you want to change the front doors, you might consider wooden doors before painting them white. If you paint the front doors white, they could get lost against your home. The color of the doors should create a focal point that draws the eye towards them. White doors may not accomplish this. For more information contact, Tuckey Restoration at 717-249-7052 or

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