Interior Design Q&A: Lighting for Beams in a Family Room

The ceiling beams in your family room might not look quite like this. But it’s still a good question – what kind of lighting works well in this context?

Do you have exposed ceiling beams in your family room?  What kind of lighting works well in this context?  Let’s see what kind of questions you should be asking yourself:

Q.  What kind of lighting would be good on beams in a family room?

A. To best answer your question, we would have to have additional information regarding your project. How much natural light is in the room? How many other lamps or lighting fixtures do you have? Do you have a traditional or contemporary room? Do you need this lighting for the overall function of the room, just for task lighting, or only for mood lighting? Lighting is something most people do not generally notice unless it is done poorly, and then it becomes an undesirable focal point. If you could provide us with additional information on your family room, we would be happy to direct you further. Thank you.


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