Interior Design Q&A: A Smart Move to Match Cabinets & Flooring?

Is it a smart move to try for an exact match between cabinetry and flooring?

Is it a smart move to try for an exact match between your cabinetry and flooring?  Well, that all depends….

Q.  I just did my floors in Brazilian Cherry laminate (Pergo) and now am trying to re-do the cabinets; since the floors are dark burgundy with black (going to do absolute black granite tile on counters) what colors would match? I thought of either white or doing this same tone as the floors. Is it dumb to do the cabinets and the floors to match? It is a big kitchen with lots of cabinets, and an island, so it may be overpowering. Thanks!

A. If you are going to do the cabinets in a wood tone, be careful to match the floors as closely as possible. If you cannot find an exact match, you could go to the other extreme of very light cabinets. Quite often, when people try to match products, they miss their mark, and that is how it appears visually! An option might be to do the wall cabinets and the island cabinetry in different finishes. Maybe the wall cabinets could be a wood tone and the island a painted finish or vice versa. Be creative with your cabinets, mixing wood tones with painted cabinets is increasingly popular. For a better idea of what your kitchen might look like, pick up one of the many kitchen magazines available today and you will see a variety of options. Something is sure to catch your eye! Do not hesitate to contact us should you need further assistance.


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