Interior Design Q&A: Matching Accent Colors to Wood Cabinetry, Wall

Wondering how to style your home around wood cabinetry or paneling?

Wondering how to style your home around wood cabinetry or paneling?  It can be tough.  Let’s drop in on this Q&A with the team at Tuckey Restoration to learn how to get started:

Q. I have wood panels and wood cabinets, need to add color or what colors match brown wood?

A. We would have to get additional, more detailed information to assist you best. Do you have light wood or dark wood? What color and style is the flooring? Is there any color in the countertops/appliances? Is there enough lighting in the room? Do you want the room to be darker or brighter, contemporary or traditional? These are all questions you will want to consider before you begin your project. Your answers to these questions will help lead you to your color choice. You could begin by narrowing it down to warm colors (yellows, reds, oranges) or cool colors (blues, greens, purples) and move forward from there. If you struggle with your decision, you may want to buy a few of your favorite paints and try them on your wall. You could paint small swatches on the wall and look at them at different times of the day. Thank you for the question – please contact us for a consultation or with any additional questions you may have.


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