Interior Design Q&A: Opening Up a Small Kitchen

July 9, 2014 | 1:05 pm
Small Kitchens can Feel Open & Airy, Too!

Let’s drop in on this Q&A between a customer and the Interior Design team at Tuckey Restoration to learn more:


I want to update and open my very small kitchen. I was thinking about whitewashing the cabinets and removing one or two doors to create an open airy feel. The problem is the countertops are off-white and light pink marble. What colors should I focus on for the walls and cabinets to best work with these countertops? Also, the kitchen has a bar counter which divides the kitchen from the dining room, which is wooden and has four tall wooden stools around it. I’m not willing to paint the entire bar area but should I look to paint the stools to draw attention away from the other pink countertops? Thanks.


 I think that your idea to paint the stools could be a great touch to give your kitchen some individuality. You might want to consider painting the inside of a few of the cabinets the same color you paint the stools (after you take the doors off, of course). If your countertop is more of a cream or off-white, you may want to try distressing the cabinets with off-white as well. If you paint the cabinets white, the countertop color will become even more noticeable due to the strong contrast. You may want to stay with the lighter colors to open up the room. What color is the flooring? Is there any color in an adjoining room(s)? These are all things you may want to consider before choosing your paint color. Another easy and inexpensive way to change the decor in your kitchen is to change the hardware. There are endless options in the cabinetry hardware available…be creative!


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