Interior Design Q&A: Spruce Up Your Walls

December 14, 2014 | 1:37 pm
What's your style?
What’s your style?


I have very bright/bold sunny yellow walls in the bathroom, and, rather than repaint with several coats to try and cover it up, I’d like to do some type of faux technique — maybe a wash or a criss-cross glazing of some kind. But what colors should I use (I’m awful at choosing colors!)? I also have beige tiles and would like to incorporate that as well. I’m trying to go for a “cottage” or “beachy” style, and the adjoining lavatory area is white and beige stripe wallpaper with white bead board wainscoting 3′ up the wall. I had also considered doing a plaid pattern but that sounds way too time-consuming and I’d rather do something that’s a little quicker and easier with less detail. I’d be grateful for color and/or faux method ideas? Thanks!!


The easiest way to cover up the yellow most likely would be to use a tinted primer (your local paint store should do this for you at no additional cost). Following the primer, you generally only need a single coat of paint. If you are still considering a beach theme, you might want to use a color from the blue family. Blues could tie in with water tones while the beige should convey sand tones. Also, you might consider a brighter blue with stronger green tints. For novice faux painters, many paint stores offer “faux paints.” For example, Sherwin Williams has a line of faux paints including sand and suede paints. For a professional faux painter or for additional color direction, please do not hesitate to contact us at 717-249-7052 or Thank you for the inquiry and good luck!


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