Interior Design Q&A: Toning Down Vibrant Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

April 4, 2016 | 6:28 pm
Looking to tone down some vibrant wall-to-wall carpeting that you simply can't replace?
Looking to tone down some vibrant wall-to-wall carpeting that you simply can’t replace?

Q. I just rented my apartment but the wall-to-wall carpeting is burgundy.  They told me that the carpet has just been replaced and they won’t replace it in 100 years. What color of rug could I buy to try to attenuate the much-too-vibrant color of the carpet? What do you think will be a good color of rug – even for my doormat?

A. If you are going to use an area rug to help camouflage the burgundy carpet, you may want to consider something simple and neutral. Depending on your style and feel of the apartment, a jute or sisal rug may be the perfect solution. Without knowing what other colors you have to incorporate into the space (your furniture colors, etc.) I would have a difficult time directing you on more specific color choices. For more information contact Tuckey Restoration by calling 717-249-7052 or emailing


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