Interior Design Q&A: Practicality of Wood Flooring in Kitchens

January 3, 2017 | 8:40 pm
What are the practical considerations of wood flooring in a kitchen setting?
What are the practical considerations of wood flooring in a kitchen setting?


Recent water damage has us updating a 1996 kitchen. Replacing vinyl flooring with possibly wood (we like the look/affordability of ceramic, but not its noise/hardness). What is your opinion on the practicality of wood floors in kitchens? Prefinished, engineered, etc? Cost is a factor. Existing cabinets remain (pickled oak, “pinkish”), & white appliances. We need finishes that hide dirt, with 2 active boys under 6. What suggestions do you have for flooring & counter colors that complement each other & cabinets without stark contrast? We’d like to keep everything neutral for eventual resale, but lighter counter colors give no contrast to cabinets. How similar in tone should counters and floors be, with the pickled cabinets in between? We prefer warmer wood finishes – no heavy “oak” or chocolate – but don’t want to go too light. Also, what effect do plank widths & grain details have on visual spaciousness? My kitchen is visible from our dining room/living room, which have terra cotta paint & brown “import store” accents. Thank you!


For your kitchen, you may want to consider laminate flooring. Laminate has made dramatic improvements both cosmetically and regarding durability. If you are considering laminate wood flooring, check the manufacturers’ warranties against water damage (some will be better than others). The flooring does not have to match the cabinets, and it is becoming increasingly common to install flooring in a contrasting tone. A specific flooring option you could consider is DuraCeramic. It can be installed with or without grout and tends to stay warmer and be softer than Ceramic. A nice option for countertops may be Corian or a comparable solid surface. A speckled surface will hide dirt, and the lighter colors should not show scratches as much. If the solid surface did get scratched or stained, it can be buffed out to look brand new. Check out our kitchen remodeling! For a consultation on this or other projects, contact Tuckey Restoration at 717-249-7052 or


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