How to Prepare Your Home for Winter’s Freeze

February 7, 2022 | 7:03 am

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter's Freeze

If you have recently experienced damage as a result of our winter storms or are without power, experiencing frozen pipes, etc., we are here for you! To get started, contact the professionals at Tuckey Restoration, Inc. for service 24/7/365. For emergency service, please call us at (717) 249-1535 to request immediate assistance.

The winter months in Carlisle, Pennsylvania bring their own set of challenges. Cold weather affects how we live and how our houses operate, so we need to adapt to the circumstances. One of the most important ways to prepare for a winter freeze is to make sure your home is winterized.

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Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Your house is filled with various appliances, so it can be overwhelming trying to keep track of everything and make sure it’s ready for the winter. But with a helpful checklist to refer to, the process will go more smoothly. Take time preparing your house for the winter, and you’ll be ready when the freeze comes. Here’s your winter home maintenance checklist.

Exterior Faucets and Garden Hoses

Turn off the water valves to your outside faucets and hoses. This step is simple but all too easy to forget — and when spring rolls around and it’s time to wash your car, it’ll be too late to act. Neglecting to turn these valves off will create significant issues in the future, such as frozen or burst pipes, so make sure you complete this key step.


If you think you’re having any issues with your thermostat, get it checked out quickly. The last thing you want during a cold spell is a thermostat that’s acting up. If you still have an old version, consider upgrading to a smart thermostat, as these give you more control over your home’s climate by setting various modes and exact temperatures. You can even control it from your smartphone.


Your furnace is one of the most essential appliances during the winter months. Be confident it is working correctly by inspecting it early for any issues. The filter is a crucial component — if this gets clogged, the furnace will have to work overtime to do its job. Clean or replace the filter before the winter sets in so you’ll get the most out of your furnace. Vacuum the interior, check the blower and motor and double-check that any vents are unobstructed.

Furnaces are complex appliances with various parts, so it’s important to contact a professional service like Tuckey Mechanical Services, Inc. for some help with the process, whether you have an oil or gas furnace.

Windows and Doors

Seal up windows and doors and test to see if you can feel any drafts coming in when they’re closed. Drafts might not be too noticeable at first, but once the temperature starts dropping, they will affect the entire climate of your home. Weatherstripping is a great way to keep your home insulated.

Check locks and latches as well to see if your windows and doors are shutting all the way. If you notice one isn’t working correctly, make sure you get it repaired.


Pipes are probably one of the first things that come to mind when individuals think of winterizing their homes — you know the dangers of bursting pipes. Insulate your pipes and keep an eye on ones in areas of little heat to minimize any issues.

Fireplace and Chimney

You’ll likely use your fireplace more often in the colder months, so it’s important to keep up with maintenance. Clean and inspect your fireplace and chimney regularly to eliminate any fire-causing debris.


Have your roof inspected for any damages. If there are any cracks or splits in your shingles, these could create leaks. Look for any overhanging tree branches, and trim these back as much as you can. Snowfall can weigh branches down and force them to break, where they can fall onto your roof, so you’ll want to counter that and put some space between your roof and the nearest branches.


Make sure you have clean gutters — remove leaves and sticks so you won’t have any overflow when it snows. Your downspouts should be a good distance from the foundation of your home to prevent melting snow from doing any damage. In the winter months, animals will sometimes seek out gutters as places to nest — cover any openings to prevent this.

It’s always good to have a professional service clean your gutters — contact Tuckey Restoration, Inc. for a quality, thorough job.

Winter Tips for Your Home

In addition to the above considerations, there’s much more you can do to get ready for this cold season. Here are some additional winter tips for your home.

Stock up on Emergency Supplies

It’s always beneficial to have more of the staples when winter comes around — you’ll never know when you’ll get stuck in a snowstorm. Stock up on water, canned goods, shovels, flashlights, firewood and anything else you might need to stay comfortable in your home for an extended period. Try envisioning possible scenarios and come up with a list of the essentials you’ll need.

Consider Your Pets

Though it’s important to make sure your home is in working order for the winter, it’s also important to remember those furry animals running around your home. As colder weather creeps in, your pets may struggle to adapt at first, and that’s where you can step in and help them ease into it.

You may consider getting a small sweater to help warm your pet in the cold or adding an enclosed outdoor pen they can go to get some warmth when they’re outside.

Check Fire Extinguishers and Smoke Alarms

Test out your fire extinguishers and smoke alarms and consider purchasing a carbon monoxide detector if you don’t already have one. You’ll want to ensure all these appliances are working effectively before the winter sets in.

Winterize Your Car

Your home isn’t the only thing you should worry about during winter — your car’s functionality is critical during these months. Check your vehicle’s antifreeze levels, replace wiper fluid with a winter mixture and check your car’s overall capabilities to ensure everything is in working order. Stock your car with some emergency supplies too, such as a portable charger, flashlight, scraper and shovel, water, snacks and jumper cables.

Contact Tuckey for Home Winterization

Contact Tuckey for Home Winterization

Preparing your home for the cold winter months may be stressful. There are many things to keep track of and many considerations that come with each appliance. Sometimes it gets overwhelming — that’s when it becomes beneficial to consult a professional service like Tuckey.

Tuckey offers a wide range of home services and helps guide you through the process of winterizing your house by inspecting, cleaning and preparing appliances like furnaces, thermostats and gutters. We’re committed to doing a quality job and making sure you’re safe during the cold months. Contact us today to get started!

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