Quick Q&A: When to Replace Your Windows

April 6, 2015 | 8:45 pm
Is it time to replace your windows?
Is it time to replace your windows?

Quick Q:

How do I know when to replace my windows?

Quick A:

Many windows do indeed reach a point in their life cycles when they become “too old,” leading to a loss of energy during heating and cooling seasons. This can especially be the case if your windows are single-pane windows, which are the least efficient type of window you can have.

The most common area representing a potential for unwanted heat/air loss is between the rough framing around the window and the window frame itself. This can usually be corrected by removing interior casings and applying an appropriate foam spray to insulate and provide an air-tight seal. If framing issues are indeed the root cause of unwanted heat/air loss that you’re experiencing, this solution is much more cost effective than window replacement.

Fogging in between window panes is a sign that the glass seal has broken. When this happens, the gas applied at the time of manufacturing has been released, and air from either within the house or from the outside has replaced it. It is debatable as to whether this is a significant energy loss. Either way, this is aesthetically unappealing and may be a reason to replace your windows.

Your windows should be replaced if the sashes are rotting or becoming loose or if the window frames are failing. If the frames are failing, they won’t be able to keep windows in alignment in order to create a tight seal – a situation that should be avoided.

The Bottom Line

You may choose to replace your windows for several different reasons, irrespective of their age. Some homeowners may wish to upgrade their single-pane windows to higher-quality, more efficient models. Others may wish to get rid of the “fogged” look that results when the glass’s seal has broken. And others may be forced to replace their windows if the sashes are rotting or frames are unable to keep the windows in alignment to maintain a tight seal. In some circumstances, though, it may be more cost effective to repair your windows and surrounding framing rather than replace them.

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