Quick Q&A: What is Historic Preservation?

April 30, 2015 | 12:37 pm
Historic preservation can certainly be grand - but it can also be as simple as preserving historic structure right in your own home!
Historic preservation can certainly be grand – but it can also be as simple as preserving historic structure right in your own home!

Quick Q:

What is “historic preservation,” especially in the context of the construction industry?

Quick A:

Simply, historic preservation is the initiative of preserving and protecting buildings and landscapes of historical significance. Any discussion of historic preservation is likely to include the following terms: preservation, conservation, and restoration. Preservation is focused on prolonging the existence of a property.   Conservation primarily consists of preventative care. Restoration includes returning the structure to its original condition using non-original materials.

So, what exactly is historic preservation and what does the mean for you? According to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, “It’s much more than saving old buildings! Historic preservation champions and protects places that tell the stories of our past. It enhances our sense of community and brings us closer together: saving the places where we take our children to school, buy our groceries, and stop for coffee – preserving the stories of ancient cultures found in landmarks and landscapes we visit – protecting the memories of people, places, and events honored in our national monuments.”   Historic preservation is about protecting culture assets for future generations to enjoy.

Tuckey Restoration, Inc. has become a well-known champion of historic preservation throughout the South Central PA region. During the past decade, the company has been instrumental in realizing and enhancing the potential of dozens of distinctive historic properties in Carlisle and many of the surrounding communities.

Some of our most notable historic preservation projects, as diverse as they are memorable, include the 150-year-old Centenary building in Carlisle, a former 19th century church severely damaged by fire, the renowned Molly Pitcher Hotel in Carlisle, the infamous Iroquois Hotel in New Cumberland, the stately Pennsylvania Republican Committee headquarters on historic State Street in Harrisburg, and, most recently, the Towne Centre Apartment and Retail project in Newville.

At Tuckey Restoration, Inc. our goal is to help bridge the gap between the past and present through sustainable preservation projects that are designed to thrive well into the future. You may share our passion for restoring historical structures or you may enjoy volunteering your time at your neighborhood museum. In either case, you are playing a role in “preserving the stories” of our culture.

For professional assistance with historic preservation, restoration, and other work, Tuckey is the local expert to call. Keep our number handy – you never know when you might need us! Call (717) 524-1136 or visit for more information.

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