Interior Design Q&A: Make Cabinets Stand Out

March 6, 2017

Question. I have cherry stained cabinets with a coffee glaze along with black granite counter tops. I am looking for a good color to make the cabinets stand out. The…

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Interior Design Q&A: Mixing Wood Species in Decor

December 10, 2016

Question. Can you put medium cherry (med. brown) hardwood laminate in a house with oak cabinets? Answer. You are probably ok in doing that, as it is becoming more common…

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Interior Design Q&A: What to do about “Too-Dark” Cabinetry

October 16, 2016

Question. We recently painted Grandmothers’ kitchen wedge wood blue/paper border. She has dark wood cabinets – and it is to dark for her. Help! Do we now paint the cabinets, or…

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Interior Design Q&A: Does Oak Go Well with More Oak?

November 30, 2015

Q.  Can you go with a mission style red oak cabinet and use a red oak flooring in a kitchen and dining room area? A. You may want to consider…

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Interior Design Q&A: Matching Countertops to Cabinets

November 1, 2015

Q.  I have all white appliances and an oak floor in a relatively smaller kitchen.  What color countertops would look good with that? Currently, my cabinets are white, but I…

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Interior Design Q&A: Matching Tile & Wall Color with Stainless Steel

August 3, 2015

Q.  My husband and I have recently brought a house. We cannot decide on our kitchen. We have white cabinets with silver hardware. We are purchasing stainless steel appliances. We…

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