Interior Design Q&A: Wall Color for Gray Carpet and Black Furniture

March 6, 2017

Question. I just moved into an apartment.  The walls are now white (boring) and the carpet is medium gray color. My furniture is black leather. What color should I paint…

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Interior Design Q&A: Wall Colors for Burgundy Carpet

November 28, 2016

Question. I have a very open house with burgundy carpet throughout. I would like to start some painting but I really don’t know what colors (for the walls) would look…

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Interior Design Q&A: Toning Down Vibrant Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

April 4, 2016

Q. I just rented my apartment but the wall-to-wall carpeting is burgundy.  They told me that the carpet has just been replaced and they won’t replace it in 100 years. What…

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Interior Design Q&A: Re-flooring a Sunken Living Room

July 19, 2015

Q.  My husband and I have just purchased a 1979 two-story house with a sunken living room which has carpet.  We want to install hardwood floors, but how do we…

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Interior Design Q&A: Matching Room Colors in a Finished Basement

August 17, 2014

Everybody loves a finished basement. Top it off just right with a properly-matched color scheme! Q.  I have grey carpet in my basement with grey walls. My furniture is red…

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Interior Design Q&A: Picking the Right Color Carpet for Your Room

October 29, 2013

Carpet can make or break a room.  Some considerations to make as you decide… Q. I have a bedroom that is painted glad yellow by Sherwin Williams (R). The room…

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